Modern and spacious House situated close to the beach

for the approaching summer, we thought that maybe would be a better idea to present a few holiday houses situated either near sea/ocean or mountain areas. We begin today with a modern and spacious House situated close to the beach and, in fact, to the Pacific Ocean, located somewhere in Laguna Beach, in the u.s. State of California.

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The project named “Casa McElroy” and was completed in 2014 under the signature from Ehrlich Architects. The great challenge for them was the height limit 3.35 m surrounding houses imposed by the authorities, which is why both the shape of the roof, as well as living space height had to be optimised to the maximum. Finally, it has opted for a flattened roof (but not completely), so that the inside to be taller.

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on this occasion, I noticed a look and a major difference: when in America, for example, it talks about a space, cati is talking about square meters of construction are not necessarily about her living area. In this case, it is said that the entire ensemble has 720 square meters, but it would be absurd to take for granted that, since the House was built for a couple and for their children.

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Personally, I think the strength of this House is the living area with walls turnstiles, which opens to the terrace and the swimming pool. In addition, the bedrooms are positioned in the rear of the House, to the pool, and one of them has transparent walls, so those who stay there to have some beautiful landscapes offered by the sunsets in the Pacific Ocean but still partake of intimacy, being flanked by the bedroom exterior walls of the House.

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