Modern bathrooms in small spaces

If you have a small bathroom in your home it doesn’t mean that you have to give a good decoration and supplement it with functional furniture, since today designs and manufactures different types of furniture of modern bathrooms that allow to get a stylish and functional space.

minimalist modern bathroom furnishings

Usually when we think of reform or change the design of our bathroom, replace the tub with the shower is one of the most recurring options. This has much logic, since the bath occupies a larger surface, unlike the showers that you can install on a smaller surface.

modern bathroom

If you have to choose from different models, we suggest that you decant by the furnishings of minimalist style, similarly with accessories. Remember that we are looking for a good functionality with the use of elements which are only necessary. Usually furniture for a bathroom with these characteristics has a capacity of internal storage, a simple style in straight and clean lines.

small bathroom design

On the other hand, we recommend that you should consider in addition to take into account that the furniture you choose have a good aesthetic style, clear and neutral colors give feeling of spaciousness, which will be very helpful if you are looking for is a touch different to your bathroom.

Modern small bathroom furniture

small bathroom furniture

Small modern bathroom furniture