Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas, Less is More

There is a simple philosophy behind modern decor: Less is more. The interior design is made ​​easier once this rule is fully understood, but there is more of a modern design that eliminates this obstacle.The modern decor is based on a simplified view. The furniture is stylish and comfortable. The color palette is neutral, white and black. Accessories have a geometric quality, with sharp angles. Above all, the modern design is based on the idea that space is a fundamental design element. One thing leads to its most basic level, and then gives plenty of room to show their elemental beauty.

Modern Warm bedroom paint colors idea

Follow these instructions to make a room come alive in a modern style.
First, remove clutter. Keep only the absolute essentials – bed, wardrobe, bedside table. Focus on keeping a few pieces of furniture and some pieces to accentuate. Eliminate all that is small, cheesy or collectibles.

Measure the walls of the room, the floor space, windows, furniture. Draw a scale diagram of the room and then draw in where the furniture van. This will save time and frustration trying to put a large, heavy piece, where there cabe.Si has not done that, delete all images and artwork on the walls and flat surfaces. Whatever the color of the walls can be painted to the present, consider painting them all white, white or a neutral like beige, cream or light brown. Plan to hang only one piece of wall art as a focal point.

The modern style focuses on clean straight lines, so consider this, the quality of the selection of new bedding also has to do. Remember, “Less is more”, and apply it to your options. If you choose a quilt with a geometric pattern highlighted, then choose solid colored pillows to avoid having too much geometry. If the quilt is a solid color, like black, white, tan or neutral, position pillows with geometric designs. To soften the angles, add a plush throw in a contrasting color to the bed.

Place reading lamps on the bedside tables on each side. Simplifying lamps black metal often work well with this look.
Créate reading space by installing a modern style chair beside a window or in a corner created for reading. A chair cover leather chair would be perfect, and these days these chairs classic style found in small sizes for today’s homes. Add in a cushion or pillow to the chair. If necessary, you can put a large leather ottoman that has storage can be configured with the chair. This gives the occupant a place to rest your feet, a place for a cup on a tray as well as a place to store blankets or other comforts out of sight.