Modern brick wall decoration – a penthouse in Kiev

This penthouse with modern brick wall design is a design by Sergey Makhno architect and will be implemented in Kiev in the Ukraine. It exudes modern minimalism and impresses with amazing furniture, which are particularly well especially through the red brick walls and above. In addition to brick, too much wood is used for the Interior. In total, the penthouse has two floors.

modern clinker wall penthouse balcony pokrov idea planting design

In the lower floor are the living room with modern brick wall design and the kitchen with dining area. Both rooms exude modernity and comfort, and offer the best prerequisites for a cosy family life ahead. A black spiral staircase leads to the second floor are the master bedroom, as well as a children’s room. The latter represents a break in the otherwise evenly furnished apartment. There, namely colorful colors in the form of a carpet finding themselves with geometric patterns, as well as a pretty Panda mural.

modern clinker wall fireplace bookshelf design armchair green minimalistic

The two bathrooms were set up in different ways. While that consists of black and beige tile stone look, the white and yellow color was chosen for the other by tiles and and modern brick wall decoration are represented.

modern clinker wall design sofa design floor lamp black spiral staircase

Outdoors you can enjoy like a cup of coffee in his spare time, because the spacious terrace with modern brick wall design offers not only comfortable seating in the form of a lounge and a Sayid, but also spoils the eye with stunning views over the capital.

modern clinker wall design seating area coffee table black carpet elegant chevron

modern clinker wall design patio sofa of leather beige Earth

modern clinker wall design idea canopy lounge coffee table

modern clinker wall design dining table black parquet climber

modern clinker wall design dining divider brown pipes

Clinker wall wash console design modern bath bath mat

Clinker wall design modern yellow wall brick large mirror

Clinker wall design modern windows laminate pendant lights dining area

Clinker wall design modern white décor shelving closet accessible

Clinker wall design modern walk - in closet large mirror door

Clinker wall design modern small bathroom indirect lighting

Clinker wall design modern second floor hallway stairs area metal railing

Clinker wall design modern room wall wood High Gloss White Venetian blinds

Clinker wall design modern nursery mural bear panda

Clinker wall design modern light-colored laminate bath lighting

Clinker wall design modern lamps design French window balcony

Clinker wall design modern dining table Eames chairs kitchen white counter

Clinker wall design modern desk's bedroom carpet colorful lamp light blue

Clinker wall design modern chair furniture green side table white

Clinker wall design modern bedroom design bed brick

Clinker wall design modern bed baby gray design floor lamp side table

Clinker wall design modern bath shower tile stone look beige

Clinker tile wall design modern black stone bathroom elegantly