Modern construction in steel with mezzanine

This holiday home in Auckland, New Zealand got a lot more space and light thanks to the addition of a modern construction. This renovation is a project of BOX Living. The eccentric attachment is manufactured in steel and falls so on among the rest of the houses in the street. The cubical construction houses the open kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the mezzanine.

construction interior different materials

The modern extension opens on the garden. By the large and high glass parties gets the House a lot more light. The many glass parties also create a sense of direct contact with the garden. As a result, the garden inviting to spend extra time in. The high ceilings make an impression. To top it all not too overwhelming, the owners opted for a rather minimalist Interior interspersed with spicy accessories.

construction light rich cuisine

In Exchange the Interior minimalist elements with charming accessories and furniture in different textures. A polished concrete floor, fabric seats and a wooden kitchen are combined with spicy accessories such as a gold-coloured lamp, bed side tables and chairs. It is extra pleasant to stay in the kitchen by a large access of natural light. When the weather can be eaten on the wooden table on the terrace.

construction mezzanine living room view

The staircase that starts from the kitchen forms the connection between the construction and the original part of the House. This will go towards your living room and bathroom.

On the mezzanine there is a living area. The open layout of the House is this place in direct contact with the ground floor, but still there is a sense of privacy. If you look at the front view of the House, you’d never suspect that there are at the back a modern, spacious and bright construction. This will clear what assets a modern extension can add to an existing home.

construction mezzanine lounge

construction original part

construction overlooking kitchen

construction stage

construction steel minimalism

front view house with construction

interior construction

Modern construction in steel