Modern design and African architecture at the main office of Inaugure

Architects and designers put stagnated recently more and more emphasis on the appearance of the work space, more precisely the labor offices. They are trying to create a great, modern and comfortable environment where everyone feels during working well. Today we want to show you another great example office. The sparkling new main office of Inaugure Hospitality Group in Barcelona combines the inimitable African design with modern stylish minimalism. YLAB Arquitectos have here a comfortable working environment by creating modern design and African architecture .

The job also offers comfortable couches

Neutral colors and warm tones African offer wonderful contrast in the office. Clean lines complete the interior of this fascinating work space. Wall with wood panels, lighting and comfortable couches provide for the well-being of employees. Lacquered wood and glass walls in ivory color underline the unique design of the conference rooms. The stunning sculptural wood on the walls is an abstract representation of the map of Dakar, capital of Senegal. This office presents a fabulous combination of West African culture and modern architecture. How did you find it? Let us know what you think.

Admire the design on

Clean lines and neutral colors

Contemporary pendant chandelier

Elegant Interior

Full color chairs

glass walls and wood

glossy surfaces

Good lighting

How to Find the main office of Inaugure

Lighting at the job site plays an important role in

minimalism and African architecture

Modern design and African architecture at the main office of Inaugure

modern working atmosphere

pleasant sitting areas

Sophisticated conference rooms

Stylish office

Toll decorated walls

Whimsical wooden decoration

White color palette

you like to work in such environment