Modern Dining chairs – 8 Designer Collections

The Group occupies a central place in the room design and if it is in the living room, many aspects of the search shoulderstand Considered for matching furniture are. Dining table and chairs should work well together, fit design, Which does not mean to be equal and be practical at the sametime. Modern Dining chairs with or succeeded new materials and elegant, timeless form language, connect armrest to achieve tasteful designs, Which can be included in the stylish interior.

Designer modern dining chair living room upholstered cantilever green

Modern dining room chairs and armchairs with a similar design “Lunar” collection of Chinese brands stellar works to integrate as a connecting element in different areas. Details from the Chinese and at the sametime the Scandinavian culture are included in the form language. The shell offers comfort, Appears very elegant and simple. Furniture legs on the other hand with Golden accents characterize the Chinese decorative art, but very subtle and refined.

Designer modern dining chair metal frame pad blue candy

Marcel designed modern dining room chairs from wooden wanders for Moooi in 2013 did are selectable with varied upholstery. The chairs seem the design classics from molded plywood Eames on, but with upholstered seat and backrest. The diverse patterned or solid color fabrics allow that the chairs are used in different fields and to perfect match. A low set “lower” version of the chairs is optional and useful Perhaps in the living room.

Designer modern metal chrome dining chair pad construction candy

The Groove collection is produced from veneered plywood and solid oak legs. It is suitable for use only in indoor applications. Zio is modern dining chair with arms by Marcel hiking designed for Moooi. Its solid construction made of solid oak and soft cushions for the backrest and seat offer perfect comfort. The designer shapes the characteristics of a comfortable chair, but at height suitable for the dining table chair. This provided the comfort of living room furniture in the dining area and Brought in there.

Modern dining chair cushion designer gray simple Verpan

As with foot stool OPTIONALLY Allows to establish Chair variant the living room with the dining area related. In the collection of Zio are quiet tables – dining and coffee tables, sideboard, did would fit well in the dining or living room. An upholstered chair for the dining area is ROC All All which is designed seating Helmut Lübke by the German Uwe Deisgner fish for COR. He presents simple elegance and rounded forms made of noble materials. The piece of furniture is visually divided into two – shell and Under Style or legs.

Designer modern dining chairs baroque outdoor white Canopo

The shell consists of seat and curved backrest, Which Continues in armrest, all with high quality upholstery fabric Involved. The trendy, bright pastel colors are typical of the collection. Perhaps a dining chair might look not minimalist, splat he find no stool is one of the eco collection of Efasma. He distinguishes itself with rectangular, straight shapes and exceptional seat. The piece of furniture is produced Exclusively made of Walnut wood and the seat of cotton cord hand-woven.

modern designer dining chair plastic rattan white upholstered cushion

The back rest can be left open, only the wooden construction is used as one or in the samecolour: as the seat, braided desire. Different colors are available and get playful, decorative knitting into the modern décor home. In the collection, some excellent offer pieces of furniture Which shape the same minimalist design and high-quality natural materials. Chairs can be set Individually in the living area or combine with one of the optional tables. Ran ran thus, a properly excellent ensemble is created since the chairs have Certain places around the table, and it really fit.

modern chair cushion designer metal frame dining candy

This Chair but not really Recognized Certainly the legendary series 430 by Panton by many -. It’s a successful re edition of the Danish manufacturer Verpan. The silhouette and the timeless form language of the copyrighted are to find in the new version of course, but optimized through the use of new, sustainable materials. For the cushion are some options – wool or velvet with a smoky shades of blue, green and gray. The color selection Refers to the timeless design typical of Panton, Which looks today announced and fit in the modern style, as so in the past.

modern chair designer wood dining chair upholstered ottoman

Candy of Erba Italy is an elegant upholstered chair, can be Described as a Chair. It is HOWEVER Equally well in the living room and dining area and Provides elegant eye-catcher. In design, the frame is strongly of the seat and backrest to distinguish. The seat shell is completely Call Call covered with fine upholstery and very similar to the mid-century lounge chair. The metal frame writes to a horseshoe shape just like the seat and consists of multiple equal-sized chrome spokes.

modern designer lunar gray shell chair dining upholstered dark

Chic, elegant, extraordinary and Perhaps a bit retro Appears upholstered Chair of candy and he remains Certainly not go unnoticed in the modern home. The Conopo collection of the Italian brand of Samuele Mazza Combines indoor and outdoor, Baroque and present a new and unusual way. Modern dining room chairs with a typical Baroque shape not produced typical material from a for this timePeriod – from plastic rattan.


Designer modern dining chair gray upholstered wood zio


modern chair designer wood dining upholstered arm rest zio

Modern dining chair cushion designer gray plain Panton Verpan


Modern dining chair designer colorful upholstered wood nut

Modern dining chair designer cup pad pink cor

Modern dining chair designer gray pink pastel pad

Modern dining chair designer pink gray pad cor

Modern dining chair designer shape wood poslter seat simple Groove

Modern dining chair designer shape wood upholstered seat nut

Modern dining chair designer white arm rest rattan Canopo

Modern dining chair designer wood angular seat braid

Modern dining chair designer wood braid angular modern

Modern dining chair designer wood braid kunsttsoff arm rest

Modern dining chair designer wood rectangular weave color

modern minimalist dining chair designer upholstered seat backrest