Modern dining room furnishings – 18 inspirational designs

Whether in the form of a dining area or as a separate room, set up for the dining room should be chosen carefully and fit to the remaining furnishing style. Another important point is of course that the modern dining room equipment corresponds to your taste. Now it may be that you have no real idea of what you want to. It is not uncommon in the large selection. We hope we can help you with the following Gallery and set up give you some inspiration for the modern dining room.

furnishings modern abstract design dining chairs Table Wood kitchen high gloss beige

This modern dining room facility is located in a small kitchen. Both of the dining table, as also the Stühe have an abstract form and fit together beautifully, even though they have a different color. As you see, must you not pass on a great body, just because the room is small. Particularly elegant effect also round tables. These are also still knows a noble and at the same time modern dining room is guaranteed. The table is combined with light gray chairs, to provide a bit of variety in the white room.
Have you always dreamed of a glass table? Then, this variant is perhaps perfect for you. The dining table is combined with grey, elegant chairs, and black leather chairs for “Chief places”. This modern dining room facility is suitable for any kind of Interior Design.

furnishings modern dining chairs around dining table beige white piano Interior

In a rather narrow space, you can choose a modern dining room interior with reflective surfaces. The room is this way right much more spacious. But also in a large dining room such models very make up. The minimalist style stands out in this example for a modern dining room facility. The white table, as well as the black and white leather chairs make a great impression and wonderfully inviting to family evenings with delicious food.

furnishings modern dining chairs gray textile leather black glaastisch idea

Simple and no special form is this bright wooden dining table. And exactly what makes him so likeable. Inconspicuously on the one hand and on the other hand, solid acting, he becomes the highlight of the area and forms the modern dining room set up. So that the chairs still notice a different color should be chosen for them. A great idea for a modern dining room is set up also to combine chairs made of various materials and in different styles. And also the colors can be chosen differently. There, a small dining area like this is equal to a real eye-catcher.

furnishings modern dining elegant wall color blue turquoise petrol buffet

Stand designs on futuristic furniture? What do you think then of this impressive Chair model for the modern dining room set up? The table is definitely worth mentioning. The black legs, which form a cross, complemented by an elegant glass plate. You can see a more traditional model for the dining room furniture. The but yet modern dining room consists of a wooden table and wooden chairs and two armchairs, all with white cushions set up. In this also the sideboard was elected and the white carpet giving the finishing touch to the dining room.

furnishings modern dining chair design futuristic glass dining table

Also, this dining table is made of wood. In contrast, chairs are made of white leather and metal. However chairs and dining table have something in common and that is the shape of the legs. So, exist the furniture however as a whole and make a stunning modern dining room facility, which is perfectly highlighted with dark blue wall. Find round or rectangular too boring, you can rely on an oval dining table. This black and white and modern dining room set up adapts wonderfully to the remaining interior of the open living area.

furnishings modern dining oval dining table black and white interior open living area

Also this furniture look extraordinarily modern. You are made of white plastic and get attractive red accents through the seat cushions. The oval, white table is in turn beefed up by Red decorations. This modern dining room is given to institution for every taste that is right, but to a true eye-catcher. Mix two colors with the help of the chairs and create such a modern dining room set up. The idea to add a dark wooden table to these chairs that, so you may think they would match not is particularly attractive. The result is however perplexing. A harmonic and modern dining room facility, which itself can not everyone praise.

furnishings modern dining oval white dining table red accents decorations roses

Who says that only colors from the same family can be combined? In this example for modern dining room furnished with kitchen two wood tones mixed with contrasting white and metallic accents, and the result is gorgeous and a true success. Placing value on all white furniture, you should spice up these with colorful accents in the form of wall colors, decoration or upholstery, so no to sterile atmosphere. Otherwise, white furniture for the modern dining room set up are really great highlights.

furnishings modern dining room minimalist white dining chairs black leather

Benches are rarely found in the dining room. While they provide a more homely atmosphere and as you start to set up a rustic accent. You’re a great change of pace if it modern dining room set up for that. For the modern dining room set up, of course the Eames chairs should be mentioned. The Scandinavian style, which is mediated by them, it is very, because it gives also a certain retro accent. Select the Eames chairs in a color or combine different colors for a trendy interior, as was done in this example.

furnishings modern dining mirror surface metal cabinet

furnishings modern dining room red white chairs table of ideas Darkwood patchwork

furnishings modern dining room simple design dining table light wood white tuehle kitchen

furnishings modern dining room simple style wood bench kitchen steel

leather modern dining establishment dark wooden chairs dining table kitchen

modern classic white upholstered chairs commode carpet dining establishment

Modern dining establishment Eames colorful colors Scandinavian

Modern dining establishment knows moebel red accent wall yellow

Modern dining establishment wood laminate shelves white metal chairs

modern yellow chair metal grid gray parquet dining establishment patchwork