Modern furniture in rustic interiors – a house in Mexico

Casa Gabriela is a single House, which is located in Mexico. It was designed by the company of TACO arquitectura. As it is located away from the road, the team was able to make a large terrace in front of the entrance, offers as an additional seating area and is decorated by many water features.

Furniture modern interior bedroom bed throw style turquoise fuchsia

In this way, an interesting accent on the entrance of the House with modern furniture in rustic interior is also used. The perforated walls are another interesting, decorative element in the House with modern furniture in rustic Interior. Her patterns radiate a certain Oriental style and make more interesting so the House facade. Replace window also. In this way, sufficient light into the interiors, reached without thereby unnecessary to heat the House, as would be the case with the Windows. The facade consists of concrete, similar to but because of their color tone, and looks so authentic.

Modern furniture in a rustic interior decoration plans Mediterranean style gravel

The front door stands in contrast to the light house wall and is a harbinger of the modern furniture in rustic Interior. It consists namely of a pink color. The flat roof is thermo isolated . This is one of the reasons for the constant, pleasant temperature inside. The House was also so designed that a perfect ventilation is guaranteed.

Modern furniture in a switch interior hammock blue interior design

The style of the House with modern furniture in changes indoor rustic Interior almost in any way. The rooms are brightly decorated and are reminiscent of the Mediterranean style. Some color accents by colorful textiles, such as cushion and a hammock. The furniture are modern and provide a contrast to the remaining interior design.

Modern furniture in a rustic interior garden patio design concrete

Modern furniture style interior bathroom mirror idea wash console

Modern furniture style interior lighting pond front porch

Modern furniture style interior roof flat mexico design dekowand

Modern furniture style interior wall design original VPE design

Modern furniture style interior water deco idea outdoor reed

Modern furniture switch interior doors yellow accent style concrete

Modern furniture wall perforated in a switch interior entrance door pink color