Modern leather furniture 2014

Mascheroni is a world-renowned Italian company that produces high quality furniture. The focus of the products is definitely in leather furniture . Their philosophy is based on the belief that some important conditions for good design must be met. A good research is the first thing that should make a furniture producer, so an innovative design may arise. One should appreciate and encourage creativity. Qualitative materials and experienced employees who participate in the production also plays a big role.

elegant beige leather sofa living room

Mascheroni is in the production of leather furniture specializing combines style and elegance in their designs. Sofas, chairs, tables, desks and beds. The furniture pieces look very solid, yet elegant and glamorous. Each room can easily be converted into a luxurious ambience remodel if the right furniture is present. Perhaps the best thing about the collection is the wide scope of models that are suitable for both large and smaller spaces.

comfortable modern leather armchair

The preferred colors for the collection of Mascheroni are predominantly neutral -black, white, different shades of brown and red. Each model has an individual character, was created for a different type of customer, and is addressed to all people who want to mix a classic style with modern. If you are also fans of Italian furniture, you will surely inspire these designs!

beige luxury living room chairs

red wine designer sofa

black leather furniture classic design

brown sofa library

white sofa set Italian design

white leather living room furniture

modern white leather furniture