modern lounge with retro touch

Although it seems a contradiction, to be the last one must be classic. At least some classical. Nowadays more and more designers to give their work a retro amid an epicenter of modernism. This is the case of this modern lounge with a retro touch , combining supplements predominant current style of the 50s and 60s. The clearest example of this is the Butterfly chair in brown tone, whose simplicity and comfort is their success and succeeding in leading salons half the world since 1938. That was when the Catalan Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan and Argentine Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Southern Group, the first designed.

modern lounge with retro touch

But this is not retro touch amidst a modern lounge the only contrast this space. The combination of blue and yellow colors also give excellent visibility to the lounge where we provide the perfect touch taupe tones on walls, carpet and furniture as opposed to bright yellow on a single wall-as we have seen in the above image and in some supplements. Caterpillar Couch notes, as the Butterfly chair for your comfort. It is located in the foreground and is another example of retro design, reminiscent of the 60’s and is available in Arganda Kibuc from 1,800 euros in sizes ranging from 10 to 10 inches.

The color of the wood laminated walnut and black touches some of the accessories blend well with the tones of space. This is the case of the legs of the cabinets and tables, which give a sober the room. wooden framed boxes also contain within it some touches of black, which brings elegance and modernism to the space. The metal hose black or circular mirror with a frame forging, including on the yellow wall, are other elements that harmonize perfectly with the philosophy of this room. And besides, we move back in time.

This image shows the genius of contrast combined with retro blue and yellow tones in the two chests. Alongside them, the furniture Treku signature, part of the same collection as the sideboard. then both tones combine with wooden lacquer laminated walnut and oak. The icing on top put the colorful accessories furniture and silk touch carpet that covers almost the entire room and is priced at 845 euros.

The visit to this hall culminates in the dining room , where once again the modern design of the table contrasts with chairs upholstered in lavender. Their cylindrical legs are part of the retro aesthetic that permeates all space. It Imay chair model of Kibuc Arganda , the price is around 200 euros. Once again, reaffirms the philosophy of reuse since in decoration, often have to look back in order to take a step forward.

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