Modern Mirrors

Mirrors are a very important element in the home, not only for its practicality when others dress and grooming, but also because they are key when designing a light and airy feel to the room in which it Let’s place. But beyond its practicality, in recent years we are witnessing a new mirror concept, since its presence is also marked by a large decorative component.

Wall mirror antique

The current mirrors are added to the latest fashion trends, so that we can find a variety of models, materials and forms of location. In the cover image we find a current design that plays with geometry and 3D effects. A piece that will give a special touch to the foyer or living room.

Hang mirrors
The round mirrors are no longer what they were. Currently you can find many play with the overlays or showing its uneven contour. In both cases, the piece appears without any frame.

Meanwhile, pull the ring towards the rectangular shape to the square. However, you can hang either vertically or horizontally. Design-wise, we see that the framing can appear in the mirror, as if it were superimposed, or with small carved three-dimensional following the trend to which I referred earlier.

Floor mirrors
This location is relatively new to the mirrors, but is catching on very well with the public. In most cases, you can place a mirror on the floor that was originally manufactured for hanging. Yes, you have to ensure your subject, and ought to be large, and this always vertical.

Another idea that may interest you is that which proposes to place three identical mirrors at ground level. It is an original decorative touch, as is the fact adorn any corner with a trio of mirrors foot and unusual shapes.




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Wall mirror panel

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