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recommended designs of modern kitchens that inspire anyone, if you are looking for interiors or reform design your House and especially the area of the kitchen, here we bring you designs with the new trends in modern kitchens in the following colours: black, grey, red and silver tones.

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The new ESPRIT home collection illustrates an individual, stylish and relaxed lifestyle. “Home is where the heart is”-that is the motto of the new ESPRIT home collection. The three fittings “My life”, “My family” and “My style” bring out this life philosophy in the kitchen perfectly and glittering. They combine contemporary interior design with comfort and functionality. Each of the three kitchen faucets shapes an individual style in the modern kitchen area on their way.

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“My life” – design not only for beginners now my new life begins, “My life” seems to call to one – maybe with a first home. The kitchen faucet “My life” is a perfect entry model for all who would like to recharge their first own kitchen with something special. It is modern and stylish, remains but fully functional and timeless. Maybe she’s even so popular: “My life” is an eye-catcher, she is almost never hatched but with their clear, straight contours. The design uses the cylinder in its purest form and gives the faucet so that their special character. “My life” presents itself with its 360 ° swivel comfort especially in society of modular Island kitchens. The fashionable, some extra displays them in the decorative ring — either subtly restrained in chrome or accented in white.

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“My family” – is ideal for the whole family for the true comfort of “My family” smoothly and quietly. The clear language of the design of the Esprit can hardly recognize the multiple functionality of this kitchen faucet at the first glance. You reveal your comfort and quality in your application. The user-friendly height of “My family” and the 230 ° slewing RADIUS are complemented by the elastic comfort extension with integrated chrome-plated mouth piece makes sense. Smoothly and almost noiseless fibre hose reminiscent of soft can be pulled out.

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The advantages are obvious: pots fill, wash dishes and wash salad – everything is very easy. And after work and takes back the tube almost like by itself again in the spout. Also in “My family”, a small detail makes the difference: the decorative ring can either in chrome or white coming into its own.

modern kitchen design black granite
“My style” – strikingly individual, strikingly unlike the unique double arch design from chrome-plated guide sheet and white, flexible hose spout determined the organic form language of this kitchen faucet. “My style” enchanted representative, open kitchens with modular Island constructions as interior design object. Their range of 360 degrees is limitless and developed from her field of approximately 50 cm in each direction is second to none. The plastic handle on the mouthpiece allows a safe, non-slip removal of the tube, which is absolutely flexible. “My style” is a perfect combination of look, feel, and processing. The chrome-plated guide bow as well as the high quality hose spout convince by their lasting form stability. This kitchen faucet is a design quote of the naturally flowing form of water and at the same time the individual completion of any kitchen.

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