Modern privacy protection for the garden – 20 great ideas

you have a garden or courtyard and want to relax undisturbed in there? A modern privacy for the garden will protect your privacy and beautify the outdoor area at the same time. No matter Whether you wood, metal or glass of privacy, prefer can be developed in a different material.

Lattice modern face protection garden wood bright colors garden furniture planting baskets

There are different materials to choose from for A Necessary and at the same time modern privacy screen. Here, we have presented a combination of laser-cut Corten steel and bamboo rods. The parts made of steel have a palm tree motif did is enhanced by small real palm trees. The dark brown Corten steel and light brown bamboo are in contrast and the poly rattan lounge chairs Ange Passat it.

modern face protection garden beige glass door tree motif

To infinity pool and modern furnishings in the garden require a good privacy screen, or even two. The smaller one is again made of Corten steel and decorated with illuminated tree motifs. High Espa lier trees are planted to the great wall, Which serve as privacy before higher buildings. The lighting at the corners, de Pergola, and the beautiful privacy panels complement the contemporary design of this garden.

A landscaped wall in the garden is another great idea. It is not only a more effective screening but THEREFORE gives a fresh feeling and beautiful appearance of the patio. In addition, planting bags are cheap and easy to assemble.

Just a few steps away from the courtyard this beautiful place to relax is surrounded by green meadows and native plants. It is a great idea for Those Who have a larger garden. The privacy cedar is combined with a pergola and the bank with all-weather cushions is Intended for a larger comfort. Whitepaper lamp hades hanging over the bench and Provide A subtle lighting after sunset.

modern face protection garden corten steel palm motif bamboo canes are sun

A curvy path connects the seating area with a cozy fireplace did is suitable for beautiful afternoons and evenings with friends and family. Storing wood under the fireplace is a stylish and at the same time practical idea.

Three rectangular lattice sides protect thesis bright veranda, still fall for the sunlight. You can combine well with plant baskets and fresh flowers and can be ran thus Ange Passat to the garden furniture. This is Actually no opaque screens but is Intended to be a beautiful and creative garden design, and THEREFORE not hard to do it yourself.

You have been a fence did Serves as privacy and separate your house from Which the neighbors, but is not VISU ally appealing? For a beautiful garden, you can silently decorate this fence. Sheets of metal on them with a laser, there are different motives are very popular. Here the motifs are Applied bamboo and there is a vertical garden with plants in bags.

face protection gardening modern laser cutting metal black garden umbrella sofa

A special feature of this point of view protection is the lighting with floor lamps. She brings a modern look in the garden and is a good idea for the summer.

modern face protection garden courtyard recycled artificial grass grill wooden fence

If you want a privacy screen, Which Quickly jumps into the eye, you can opt for one with lighting. The integrated LED light Appears in the dark in all possible colors and is ideal for hot nights in the garden.

Corten steel is becoming more popular in recent years for the house and the garden Because of its great features, search as the patina look and the weather-proof structure. It can be cut into different motifs with a laser and can be decorated any. Modern privacy screen can be combined with a hearth of the seed material.

modern face protection garden bench brown high fence gray plaid foot path

modern face protection garden design ground spotlights wall planting bag bamboo motifs

modern face protection garden design ideas corten steel wood combined

modern face protection garden hearth corten steel bench flow erpot palm

modern face protection garden lamp vertically hades furniture wood

modern face protection garden led lighting integrated lawn plant

modern face protection garden pergola Earth green meadow garden path

modern face protection garden pergola wood high beds zinc flow pot wood slices

modern face protection garden wood fence concrete art deco asymmetric ally opaque

modern face wall protection garden wood bamboo plant artificial turf concrète high beds

modern fence lighter metal motive of planting a small tree face protection garden

modern gray face protection garden pergola sunshade seat cushion comfort plant pots

plan laser modern face protection garden bags vertically partition cut steel

plants wooden modern face protection garden pole pots garden design

sacks succulent modern face protection vertical garden planting table decoration garden furniture

Tree modern face protection garden Vauxhall lighting pergola infinity pool