Modern Receiver Rooms

The receiver is usually a room where we usually get (though repetitive, right) to the guests. This show is one of the most important areas of the house, as it is always exposed and, therefore, should be more careful.

It should be noted, that the hall is a place not only used for entertaining , but in some cases, also serves to relax, listen to music and socialize. Therefore, and because I think it is really important to have well maintained this area of the house, I will give you some tips to decorate modern receivers . I hope these tips help you!

Decoration modern receivers
Simple but immaculate and modern
If you read one of my previous articles on decor, you may have noticed that always-and very often I say I am repeating that “less is more”. But the truth is, especially in interior decorating themes.

The modern receiver should be sober, which will help to provide a picture of elegance and give you a flawless look without much fuss. The best advice I can give is that you replace all bulky and you give order to the area.

clear example is to replace the large and bulky cushions of furniture for a modern smaller obviously contrast with the chair. So give him a feeling of more space to lounge.

No need to invest
If you do not have enough money to invest in modern receivers decoration design , recycle or reuse what you have on hand. Surely you have a brown coffee table, it will look great if you put a fluorescent light and decorate with candles.

Also, if you want to give another look to your furniture, you need not change, it will be sufficient if you send to that place them covers. Try these follow the style of other furniture and accessories that you will use.

Colors to acclimate
Just add color to the walls of the hall, not about putting a wall with each color. You can add a bright color on one wall, this will draw the attention of the entire room.

Remember, warm colors like orange, yellow, red and shades will give you a warm atmosphere of peace and tranquility to the room. But you can also use bright colors like white or silver and some shade of gray or black to add contrast.

I hope these tips for decorating modern receivers have been able to serve to decorate yours. Tell us what is new that you are planning to decorate your home?