Modern room divider in the Asian House

To distribute the limited living areas of a traditional townhouse in Hanoi in practical living areas, implement the designers of modern architecture Landmak partition of Corten steel stair railings and name the QT House his playful succeeded project. The typical family houses in the Asian mega Poland consist of more than three floors of some lack of space.

Tree modern room divider roof terrace mini garden bench stone optics

They are built on narrow construction sites, THEREFORE light or private room for single residents in the rather narrow and long rooms oft paint. Modern room dividers out of Corten steel, processed in hot tones, found a solution of full of art for all of synthesis problems.

Tree modern room divider roof garden rocking armchair bench stone staircase optics

A flight of steps from solid wood runs at as vertical center piece of the property and Their modern room dividers can emit light in the form of positive messages through the separate rooms. With the specific combination of direct and indirect lighting shadows are created on the natural surfaces of the stairs artfully, multiply the positive mood.

Under the stairs on the ground floor, there is a practical storage room made of wood. The modern room dividers did stand between the living areas through the whole House and the stairs, so serve: as the transparent stair railing. Behind the free steps from solidwood lead to the second floor.

Tree modern room divider roof garden bench stone optics sliding fluer

The wall lighting in the stairway is planned by the architect did beams create an interesting game of shadows on the walls and the flooring on the ground floor by the modern room divider and the floating stairs.

Dekoakzente create a facility with at extraordinary mix of styles from hot and cold material, color: such as modern room divider made of Corten steel and leather sofa in camel color. The minimalist ambience is refreshed by the positive statements did cut out on the Corte plates. The elaborately processed Dekoakzente of the trend material pull on itself again and again, de attention of the visitor in a special way.

Room divider modern townhouse garage garage door frontal façade Andre

The minimalist kitchen is joined by the stairs to the upper and lower floor by railing, Which currently serve as modern room dividers and designer decorative elements for a playful setup. A bathroom did is separated with inner wall and a glass door from the dining or living area is located behind the kitchen. It is typical of the Asian restaurants did are the living area and the kitchen just behind the entrance. The QT designer House refrain did detail of the lifestyle of Asians, on the ground floor is a garage with storage room, separated by a half transparent folding door from the street.

Modern tiles partition roof garden rocking armchair ground tree sliding door

Asian houses have limited living space, but any is missing from a roof terrace with plants. On the fourth floor of QT home a mini garden with stone is set up, where a real tree grows.

Modern room divider stairs wall wardrobe white plank floor

Modern room divider townhouse frontal viewpoint window terrace

Modern room divider townhouse frontal window concrete facade

Modern room divider living area stairs handrails corten steel leather sofa

modern room divider kitchen dining area sliding door of wanddeko floor tiles

Modern room divider corten steel stairs railing'm solid wood

Modern room divider corten steel stairs handrails letters deco lighting

Modern room divider corten steel kind letters stairs handrails living room

Modern room divider corten steel art house letters stairs handrails

Modern room divider bedroom lamp headboard LED beluchtung wardrobe

Modern room divider bedroom bed headboard windowless hallway floor

Modern room divider townhouse plan behind frontal view four levels

Room divider modern townhouse plan Vieter top floor roof terrace Room divider modern townhouse plan second upper lounge floor   Modern room divider townhouse plan first top kitchen floor garage Modern room divider townhouse plan third top floor bedrooms Modern room divider townhouse plan sideview four levels