Modern Round sofas put in scene – 50 examples

According to the Feng Shui teaching circles in a House are a symbol of wealth and well-being. Follow this philosophy and continue with the topic “Circular forms” by putting a round sofa in your living room. Semicircular and circular sofas are not only comfortable, but would create also a harmonious atmosphere in the room. Learn how to set up a modern living room with a circular couch and decorate.

round chimney wall wood floor sofas modern gray

Furniture selection and Setup

1. Select such furniture that follow the lines of the sofa. For example, chairs with curved arm – and backrests and round or oval coffee tables.

2. first, find the perfect place for your sofa and arrange the rest of the furniture to it around. Although it would fit nicely in the corner of the room, you don’t be afraid to put the furniture if you want to set up a room with a circular sofa away from the wall. Make the sofa in front of a fireplace or a large TV.

3. make the coffee table, side tables and chairs around the couch to create a comfortable seating area. Follow the curve of the sofa.

floral pattern stove round sofas modern taupe purple carpet

1. choose energy for prosperity round rugs to the Feng Shui positive influence. Get also color and texture to the room with carpets.

2. have framed artwork or family pictures in the round instead of rectangular frame. Round wall mirrors with decorative frames are another great idea for Living Room Decoration .

round modern sofas leather ecru dark wooden floor Round coffee table white Orchid

1. buy home accessories in round shapes. For example, round rather than just vases and round baskets, where you can keep remote controls and other small items.

2. switch the hardware of all furniture pieces that have straight lines. Buy round knobs and handles, so that this furniture will be adapted to the subject.

Round rattan sofa terrace modular beige seat cushion

round sofa cream modular modern round shaggy carpet of white coffee table


round sofas modern beige blue carpet round coffee table hanging chair wall mounting

round sofas modern beige rectangular brown carpet

round sofas modern beige shaggy carpet glass tables

round sofas modern brown Gruener round carpet

round sofas modern brown sideboard table wooden plate coffee table glass top

round sofas modern circular fireplace travertine terrace tiles rattan

round sofas modern cream dark parquet floor wall mirror round

round sofas modern ecru regal round glass coffee table

round sofas modern ecru room wall wood gray fronts

round sofas modern gray dark light blue carpet round glass timber coffee table

round sofas modern gray round metal decorative wall mirror

round sofas modern gray-green pillow wood coffee table fireplace wall

round sofas modern green light gray metal feet cushions round coffee table

round sofas modern green wooden coffee table wall image depth

round sofas modern leather upholstery ottoman coffee table

round sofas modern light gray gray carpet black side table

round sofas modern light gray round upholstered coffee table

round sofas modern light gray upholstery emerald green carpet

round sofas modern light gray white coffee table round pillow silverglance

round sofas modern living anthracite white Round Coffee Table

round sofas modern modular pillow cream pastels round coffee tables marble look

round sofas modern orange frame behind FLCs round carpet

round sofas modern orange oval gray carpet of white coffee table

round sofas modern purple stone fireplace yellow accents

round sofas modern purple wall concrete look

round sofas modern red TATLIN Mario Cananzi spiral

round sofas modern rose gray shaggy carpet

round sofas modern spiral position red TATLIN Mario Cananzi

round sofas modern taupe FLY G Gualtierotti Quota Div della Dema

round sofas modern taupe gray FLY G Gualtierotti

round sofas modern taupe leather upholstery stone wall high gloss sideboard

round sofas modern terrace white yellow cushion

round sofas modern white FLY G Gualtierotti

round sofas modern white low wooden coffee tables

round sofas modern white metal tables floor lamp

round sofas modern white round red carpet

round sofas modern wood gray carpet round coffee table

round sofas ROCHE BOBOIS white modern taupe purple pillow

round white modern sofas ROCHE BOBOIS low round coffee tables glass

round white sofas modern carpet black and white round glass coffee table

round white sofas modern coffee tables metallic luster purple pillow