Modern rugs by the rug company

There is hardly a better example than the works of rug company. You are unique and super original. They are a sign of wealth and good taste.The company was founded in 1997 by designer Christopher and Suzanne Sharp. Today 166o are employed by this company about people, including vendors and people who produce the carpet itself.

Contemporary rugs designer brown geometric

It has created for many years until now the different carpet types. They show different styles and have a varied look. Typical is the very high quality and exclusive drafting by hand. Below, we see a very hip model. Its designer is Tim Gosling produced it from Tibetan cotton and silk threads, which were created by a master from Katmandu.

Contemporary rugs designer geometric shapes pattern

Still having many types of carpets, where applying the technique of the artistic collection of leather pieces So is also the case with the carpet that you see in the image below. To the most interesting facts is the manner, as it cooperates with the designer This one is not limited to the young and local, but is looking for talents from around the world. The most interesting names include Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Diane von Furstenberg.

Contemporary rugs designer pastel

Elements from the traditions of the various peoples from around the world are mixed in the design of the carpets of the rug company Also, you have a very interesting history. Such as, one has often siphoned inspiration from things, a few days before the project has been observed for example on a trip. A great example is Mamounia sky. This carpet was created by Martyn Lawrence – Bullard. He created the concept after a trip to Morocco.

Contemporary rugs designer pattern blue white

Some of the rugs are so artfully that you can place these as a decoration or picture on the wall Look below the lush images in the interior design, which can arise. Therefore not surprising that one repeatedly finds exhibited the works of rug company in galleries

Contemporary rugs designer rug company

Contemporary rugs designer window size

Contemporary rugs runners designer animal pattern

Modern carpets curtains designer red

Stripe modern rugs runners designer