Modern Salons Relax Decorators

We show some ideas that invite us to print a modern appearance while achieving environment attractive and comfortable in the living room of a contemporary home. With tricks and new proposals can be rebuilt into a space of a home atmosphere charming.These are two modern rooms decorated to relax, with touches that add a fresh and provide alternatives that allow you to update this room, which is usually the protagonist in moments of leisure, meetings and other activities related to the break.


For fans chill out style these interiors show various mounting options leading to scenes where a seal appears relaxed, spontaneous, and with great simplicity as protagonists.

One way to reproduce these decorative proposals is to create a zone of rest and relaxation in which used conventional furniture in a room, are replaced by cushions and pillows that simply support at ground level.

A padded seats, a light and curtains that allow light rays dose, are some of the elements that bring comfort in a modern context. In one of the interior a platform elevates the seating area, surrounded by panels White to bring a touch of oriental style to the decor. Furniture dressed in white upholstery and carpet complete this warm and delicate atmosphere.

They also appear in furniture designs with predominantly simple lines, a palette dominated by colors light and bright, bass parts and ground level, plant tissues and textiles that add warmth, along with materials that evoke the freshness and finishes nature.

For decorative accessories choose those with simple designs, which is achieved balance between function, comfort and aesthetics according to the style you want for the room, such as a lighting fixture comprising a hemispherical lamp or lantern paper. Today you can find all kinds of objects and accessories to decorate a modern interior in a wide range of prices.

These environments get visual lightness from the choice of simple furniture, tapestries clear, nuanced light, and thus a perfect atmosphere for relaxation.


living room with portaits




modern Orange Living Rooms




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