Modern Storage Beds Comfort In Any Style

Beds with storage are a good choice for a limited bedroom space, because these beds allow you to use the space below. In the drawers of these beds you can save not only clothing, but also quilts, bedspreads, pillows, among others. Some of these beds give the option to remove the drawers, and others have lifts from the deck up top.

storage bed design plans

Buy a bed with storage base will help us get more space where to store bedding that we are not using, for example, blankets and duvets during the months of summer or bedspreads and sheets of summer during the winter months. We will also very useful in the children’s bedrooms, since in addition to the household linen, you can save books or toys. In any case it will help us to have the cabinets more clear and therefore more ordered and easier to find things.

storage bed designs modern

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storage bed frame ideas

This super functional bed showing a large storage space, which is ideal if you live in a compact house or condo, or if you would like to see a clean and minimalist appearance.

storage bed frame design

This elegant bed is covered with skin cream-coloured with a header’s height, with folds that are full of luxury. The mattress as mentioned rises to reveal a lot of space dedicated for ideal storage for your clothes of season, bedspreads, linens and all those items that are out of our sight, time when we all have at home and want to always with this we will have a room always clean and tidy, as well as having a large luxurious bed.