Modern tiles in the hallway for apartment – 40 ideas and tips

In practical terms be tiles in the hallway moved, because you when walking in the House much dirt from the outside to bring in and it’s easier to wipe, instead of vacuum. On the other hand, floorboards rather not well tolerate constant mud stains and moisture. Tiles are practical and can be found in imaginative versions on the market.

corridor vintage modern tile mosaic white blue ornament pattern vintage

Tiles are in comparison to the other variants – wood and laminate, cheaper to maintain and offer numerous alternatives to make the entrance once otherwise, individually. In many apartments, which decorated with glaze and playful ornaments by then, hand-crafted ceramic tiles or laid in modular compositions are also still to see. These serve as source of inspiration for designers all over the world, who want to reinterpret the traditional ceramics and thus bring them to new life.

luxury black and white tiles corridor building modern high-gloss marble gold

These playful decorated tiles give the apartment right entrance individual character. In combination with accents typical for a vintage Рstuck to the ceiling and walls, vintage lighting and wooden floors, creates a wonderful overall picture that could never be confused and remains unique in memory. We offer 40 exceptional corridors of apartments at a glance, that modern, fresh and simply unmistakably appear. Let look at this!

Corridor tiles modern wood plank's vintage white bright

modern corridor old building black and white tiles ornaments vitrage mural glazing

modern corridor old building stairs wood tiles modules gray white brown

modern corridor vintage brown white tiles modules terracotta sideboard

modern tiles corridor building design asgeblichen colors pastel colors modules

modern tiles corridor doorstep bright building natural stone optics stairs

modern tiles corridor old building black and white color wall chess pattern

modern tiles corridor old building black and white ornaments ceramic mirror frame gold

modern tiles corridor old building black and white square fitted together

modern tiles corridor old building black and white stairs stucco chess pattern cyclist

modern tiles corridor old building black white brown hexagonal modules wooden doors

modern tiles corridor old building wall design blue pattern ornaments clothes stand

modern tiles corridor old monochrome black and white dalmatian dog stairs

modern tiles corridor vintage gray pink score pattern kid bikes

modern tiles corridor vintage Marocan wall decoration wooden floor design

modern tiles corridor vintage mosaic black and white diamond pattern stair colors

modern tiles corridor vintage ornaments pattern playful pastel ceramics

modern tiles corridor vintage white black dark blue rhombus pattern vintage wardrobe

modern tiles corridor vintage white gray stucco downlights

modern tiles corridor vintage white red ornament pattern finely doorstep

modern tiles corridor vintage white stucco bright pattern

modern tiles pattern corridor vintage of mosaic ornament black and white chic

modules ceramic light modern corridor building tiles gray white wooden doors

Runner orient modern natural stone tiles corridor vintage carpet white villa

tiles modern corridor building extravagant luxury purple foot runner black white

tiles modern corridor embarrassed vintage white dress-black matte itself

tiles modern corridor old building black and white mosaic pattern crystal chandelier type image

tiles modern corridor old building staircase chandelier luxury gold ornament center

tiles modern corridor old stucco gray white yellow ornaments modules geometrically

tiles modern corridor vintage gloss translucent diamond pattern brown white doorstep

tiles modern corridor vintage to vintage sideboard chair black and white furniture for vestibules

tiles modern otnamente pattern exotic corridor vintage style white

Vintage black and white vintage corridor flurmopebel modern tiles polished chess pattern

white modern chess pattern tiles corridor vintage black sideboard

white modern stairs tiles corridor vintage black geometric figures modules

white modern tiles corridor vintage black chess pattern vintage sideboard

white modern tiles corridor vintage black pattern ceramic ornaments