Modern tree house above the pool – futuristic concept

If you have a garden / had, then, you have dreamed ever certainly of a tree house. And in fact – even without a tree high cottage is a functional addition to the House – he can be transformed into reading room, comfortable work area or playground for children or serve as a guesthouse for unexpected visitors. But if you imagine a simple building, then you’re wrong. We present you a futuristic project by the talented architect of tree space – a modern tree house with a pool.

Treehouse modern staircase entrance Ideas

A modern tree house with an original form is located in a small garden in Münster. The spacious backyard of a private residence is shielded from the street by high bamboo fence – just the right visual screening for the cottage. The building is located in the middle of the garden and hovers just over the garden pond/family pool. A stainless steel staircase leading to the entrance – the curious visitors are surprised at the end of the stairs – because a wide terrace for recreation and relaxation. The tall trees in the garden offer sun protection not only for the terrace, but also for the House itself.

functional tree house ideas stainless steel clad wood eight columns

The modern tree house is built from stainless steel and wood – 8 asymmetric asked support bear the construction. The House itself has an interesting oval shape, which attracts the attention. Large Windows allow plenty of sunlight in the narrow space. The Interior is pure, the House has been furnished sparingly, but super stylish. A large double bed and a small window sill are the only pieces of furniture – you don’t need more but actually in the tree house also. Because it offers much more than simply beautiful facility – it offers the possibility to unwind from the hectic everyday life and to enjoy the surrounding nature in a homely atmosphere. Who said that modern and functional go hand in hand?

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Modern detached house

modern tree house backyard garden pond high bamboo fence

modern tree house stainless steel clad interesting shape modern Konsruktion

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modern tree house wooden staircase large windows garden pond

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