Modern wooden beams and limestone combined for indoor or outdoor

A private house with beautiful views of the nearby Ocean coast in South-Eastern of Australia designed by 2015 by the Steve Domoney Architects in full connection with the surrounding landscape. The materials used – wooden beams and limestone, in harmony with the environment and Ensure cozy atmosphere in the Interior and exterior.

beam wood Kitchen counter limestone modern kitchen stool

The design, as well as inside, then find out Relies on contrast and authentic textures. The design is simple, very straight, harmoniously balanced between dark shades and white fine optics. The large facade elements and panoramic windows steel Provide stable, sustainable building with its distinctive design.

beam wood limestone modern beach house architecture garden

The used materials, color: such as steel, variations of wooden beams and limestone are combined and Effectively mimic is as unmistakeable style elements in the design of the garden fa├žade and interior.

beam wood limestone modern bathroom washbasin mirrorwall

The elements made of steel – like facade panels, glazing design and etc., Ensuring structuring and give clear the House, or interior contours. In the Interior and outdoor area, the soil with the same material is laid – limestone in natural hot cream color. In the kitchen, the same is particularly brilliantly polished and combined with brushed stainless steel. Perhaps the main element of the interior design is the distinctive texture and solid elements from wooden beams. The authentic lightly smoked surface is in Several versions – as wall – or ceiling panels, interior doors and wall shelves, to see inside of the House.

limestone beams wood modern corridor white floating staircase

beam wood limestone modern bar basement couch

beam wood limestone modern bedroom bathroom integrated

beam wood limestone modern bedrooms freistehnde bathtub

beam wood limestone modern corridor terrace panorama window

beam wood limestone modern kitchen dining table black

beam wood limestone modern kitchen kuecheninsel steel

beam wood limestone modern study desk wall shelves

holzbalken limestone modern beach house garden bay window

holzbalken limestone modern bedroom door minimalist

holzbalken limestone modern seascape panoramic windows steel

holzbalken limestone modern terraced balcony upstairs

limestone floor modern nursery white turquoise deco

materials beam wood limestone modern floor Inside Outside

wood beams limestone modern living room bay window tvwand

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