Modern wooden furniture form homely ambience, providing beautiful sense of space

The talented sono architects have designed a House for the Slovenian manufacturer Lumar IG and completed. The model House is to see the Blue Lagoon in Vienna at the time when the prefabricated house Park. The building has much to offer its residents — low energy consumption, modern house facade and sensible division of space promise highest living comfort. Modern wooden furniture create a homely atmosphere and loosen the strict formal language of the Bauvolumes.

Kitchen wood furniture modern dark gray wood rear wall

The House extends to two floors and offers more than enough space. The construction volume fascinates with a minimalist façade with generous glazing – the ground-up-to the ceiling Windows allow abundant sunlight in the living room on the ground floor and offer views to the garden and the street. Even the front door is made of glass. The second floor is shielded so well from foreign eyes – there are houses that the bathroom and the bedroom. The successful interior design bears for the comfort – the living room is divided into different zones by shelving systems. So, the dining area is visually separated from the small home office and living room. To create a seamless transition between the different areas, in particular the establishment helps – modern wooden furniture add a warm touch to the Interior.

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The building has been completely designed according to the requirements of a passive house. As each prefabricated house single panels in a workshop be mounted also in this case prefabricated and then local. This saves time and money the builders.

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Modern wooden furniture are not only stylish, they are also extremely functional – the bookcase in the living room provides not only storage space for books and magazines, but can also serve as a window sill. The space under the stairs is home to home accessories and accents. Thanks to the successful concept of space, the talented architect by sono have proved that the House might be a practical solution for families.

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