Modular room divider system with flexible deployment options

We present plug – a modular room divider system of the Spanish design duo Jorge Frías Montes and Irene Zurdo Prieto of Estudio JI. The room divider has an elegant ultra-slim silhouette and flexible modular design. Plug looks externally very plain and simple, but extremely creative and flexible design and is used in a surprising number of living and housing areas. Come and see it for yourself.

Klederständer build your own modular construction system plug estudio ji

A modular room divider system should be basically versatile. This software is rollable system Plug exceptional versatility and flexibility. It can be used as a room divider, clothes rack, towel rail , storage cupboard or shelf for toys, appliances and flower pots. Plug can even be fitted as a desk or small table. For this purpose, the system is supplied with the necessary accessories.

modular system plug estudio ji kleiderständer deposit area

The multi-functional piece of furniture can be according to your wishes and needs change and rebuild modular, by inserting and securing the shorter strips of wood between the vertical such. A look at the details: Plug Divider has dimensions 190x90x7 cm. Made by hand from birch plywood and Formica Laminatt in several color variants. It can be mounted shelving on both sides. Jorge Frías Montes and Irene Zurdo Prieto resident in Madrid.

Accessories for modular plug system

assemble modular system from birch plywood desk

modular designed system plug birch plywood

modular shelving display surface to build

Mounting strips of wood room dividers plug system modular.gif

multifunctional furniture plug room divider system estudio ji

Plug system modular shelf for flower pots

plug system wood molding assembly shelves make

rollable partition wall multifunctional use plug divider stand

room dividers modular build system itself plug

Room dividers multifunctional design used widely plug.gif

stand room divider system itself build plug