Modular sofa – 4 modern and flexible designs

Modular furniture are gaining popularity not without reason – They adapt to life. For small or large spatial situations, in the office or at home did allow modules to Easily and Quickly again and again put together. The Applied Materials – cushion, color and size, Which are suitable more or less for kids room, kitchen or living room is crucial for the Possibility.

modular sofa back rest design design beige armrest upholstered wooden structure

Advertising Modular sofa would Equally well suited for living room with 30 square meters and other with 20. There is the option to take one or another part and respectively to make, to place in the other room or just to use as on additional separate seating. Designers present reasonable, flexible seating furniture made from high-quality materials, Ensure the solid workmanship, functions on and longevity. The Italian manufacturer “Paola Lenti” Produces modular elements for interior and exterior, Characterized with simple, but practical design. All seat modules and systems consist of a steel frame and upholstered with stress-resistant polyurethane foam in different densities. Matching detachable remuneration for indoor ranges suitable can be selected from the various fabric collection. We offer four models of modular sofas in the overview.
“So” is a flexible modular sofa That Could consist of Several elements. In the collection are: right and left to find elements, Central modules, as well as bed and pouf. These can be freely according to your needs.

modular sofa design design beige armchair three seat sitting purple carpet

As a stable substructure sustainable wood is used, as well as connecting elements made of steel and plastic feet. Each module is filled with stress-resistant polyurethane foam and equipped with fixed cover from polyester and polyamide fibers. As Removable cushion offers Numerous variants and colors – all versions from the fabric collection. The “s” collection includes multiple variant for seating options, see all sofas with two or three seats, Which can be combined freely with other elements or even with each other. This modular system is Equally suitable for use in indoor and outdoor. For the outdoor seating option offers special upholstery of “Thuia” All All which is love love especially weather-resistant.

modular sofa design armchair design modules purple pillow simply

Characteristic for this modular system is the arm – and backrest with woven elastic, Which offers additional execution plastic rattan for use in outdoor areas. The load-bearing structure consists Mainly used sassafras wood, and connecting elements made of steel and sustainable plastic. Pillows are recommended to Ensure optimum comfort. This, as well as the padding of the seat is in Several versions Offered – Luz, rope T or Brio. Especially for outdoor use is made of fabric 100% polyolefin fibers – “Thuia”.

modular sofa design design color bright modules seat cushion options

Simple furniture with rectangular proportions in neutral colors fit any ambience and Considered to be a true sign of the stylish design. These often are very impersonal and the ambiance is missing. Modular furniture can be varied and avoid the boring atmosphere. “Sabi” collection of Francesco Rota 2010 designed, but today love love especially currently looks and serves as an excellent example of timeless, functional furniture suited Equally well for use inside and outside.

modular sofa design design gray pillow colorful accents large

“Ribbon” has a very minimalist and embodies the dasign motto “less is more”. All useless and any additional elements is lacking. It is as from Usually seat and what pillows with co-ordinated rectangular proportions. Despite the minimalist picture, the sofa is mild and soft with rounded corners. The modules can be Positioned differently and this time it so Applies to the pillows.

modular sofa design design interior beige outdoor rattan

A custom seatback is missing and is Replaced by back cushions . The wide seat offers comfortable seats from bothsides. Ran ran thus the modules can be freely in the room put, leverage from all sides and look different each time. “Move” is a modular sofa designed by Francesco Rota for Frans Italian furniture manufacturer “Paola Lenti’s signature”. It offers itself in two heights, All All which is possible through two types of feet. Four seat depths are optional and bassist of the claims in the various areas to be adjusted.

modular sofa design design mint green high low color fresh

Classic or casual the two variants can be even side by side to make the seat – from 95 cm to 165 cm, and stable link connection elements with metals. Small armrest or storage shelf can be mounted simply, to Ensure optimum seating comfort.

modular sofa design design black dark rectangular pad rattan pages

modular sofa design design modern white fuchsia cushions back pillow

modular sofa design design modules adjustable feet green

modular sofa design design modules arrange optional

modular sofa design design modules combination beige upholstered rectangular

modular sofa design design modules combination shelf wood rattan pad red

modular sofa design design modules combine poslter purple green

modular sofa design design modules pad Combinations white lilac color

modular sofa design design outdoor terrace seating options dark blue

modular sofa design design outdoor wooden structure inside rattan arm rest

modular sofa design design red outside inside wood rattan

modular sofa design design stylish gray cushions deco pillow holes

modular sofa design design upholstered modern modules of sitting opportunities chair

modular sofa design design view above couch shelf

modular sofa design design white light gray plain large living room

modular sofa design design white rueckkissen removable rectangular simple

modular sofa design living room modern design pistachio green fresh paola Hashem

modular sofa modern design design gray anthracite upholstered

upholstered rectangular removable modern modular sofa design design white