Money gifts for wedding – 22 creative ideas to wish good luck

Lately, the cash gifts at weddings are most popular. It’s also somehow understandable. The usual wedding gifts are not always useful!

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Why? Here are the disadvantages of common wedding gifts at a glance:

You can get the same thing several times.
You get exactly what you want and when you sell it, you must reckon with offended guests.
They usually transport costs and must expect.
The status differences between the guests are clearly visible.

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All of these problems can be done with the money gifts. When you think of a formula which it knows every man for himself what for a sum of money he must donate, everything is pleasant. Much stress is eliminated for the bride and groom, as well as for the guest. Also, the couple manages to cover a large part of the own costs. This is of course super fit given the large expenditure on such occasions.

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The gift should be thought about well so that they act not in the figurative sense of the word “cheap”. It is so, that they should keep the secret of what exactly was donated between the couple and the guests. In the best case, the whole thing should remain absolutely anonymous.

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A funny approach, monetary gifts to make, would be to build various figures from the banknotes. They could be given in a gift box or in a different form.

The bride and groom could make collecting of money also somehow more creative. Tinker as different branches or twigs on the tables. Let it install the guest bills. So the notes literally that grow during your wedding.

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Who loves not the issue because with the message in a bottle of wine? Here you could change this a bit. Instead of paper, the guest is could throw money and then give the bride and groom.

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