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This is El Jadida, a Moroccan village, a former Portuguese city classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, has chosen to nestle hotel atypical nature, Iglesia. Small informal visit this unusual haven.


The history of this hotel: It is within the Spanish church of St. Anthony of Padua, built in the eighteenth century, then abandoned, Jean-Dominique Leymarie has anchored its projects. “I was seduced by this medina. Excluding the tourist trail, it matches the expectation of today’s traveler who wants to discover authentic sites have retained their original harshness. ” This builder-born, coupled with a real talent for decorating, starts to work.

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Thus was born The Iglesia, hotel singular charm. The salons and lounges in which to read, have a drink occupy the old nave of the church. The rooms are spacious, take place in the adjoining convent. All furniture – 1930, 1940, 1950 – was mottled flea Marrakech by Jean-Dominique Leymarie. Former radio adorn the lounge in the gallery cohorts lamps of office fifties are dispatched in the rooms, while the vintage scratched Knoll, Royère Matégot people or salons. “I am a collector of collections,” s’ entertains the master of the house, who stores his favorites with the idea of finding their unprecedented intended, even creating a new venue for … Moreover, two jets pebbles Iglesia, the former U.S. Consulate in poor condition, he stretched out his arms. It is now the appendix, called The Master. The lounge consul was converted into restaurant and some bedrooms have been born there.

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Within the citadel, it lacked a nice place to take a break during the walk on the ramparts punctuated by four bastions. Against the door of the Sea – porta do Mar – where the Portuguese took the wide, has opened coffee do Mar, soon renamed with humor by local, Café Omar! In the room or on the terrace serves delicious teas, voluptuous ice in Panna and light meals in a jazzy atmosphere. Lizards who want to sunbathe have a choice: the immense beach of El Haouzia which adjoins the Royal Golf or more outdated style Les Vacances de M. Hulot, that of Sidi Bouzid. Side walks, the nearby town Azemmour blooms in May during his festival. All houses rechaulées for the occasion, then offer to their pristine pictorial fantasies artists walls.

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Overlooking the valley of Doukkala Kasbah Boulaouane – historical monument – deserves a getaway within a land rich gourmet picnic put together by the stove The Master. You must try the frozen citrus or red drum in a salt crust … Small succulent local experience, we will accompany you to the market, choosing your products, it accommodates you and they are served to the table of the consul. An opportunity to run in the medina, stroll in the dock for boats shimmering, suspended moments to live far, far away from the tourist trails. This is undoubtedly the image of a daily unvarnished, this lack of so-called trendy places that make this site the ideal destination to relax, paint, write, or simply enjoy the zeitgeist here always merciful! An urgent demand experienced by urban stress that we have become a made ​​by Jean-Dominique Leymarie positive response. “I am not an architect, I’m not hotel, I do not have automation professional. I am helps build and realized with passion atypical places that I feel myself need. ” Our unrepentant entrepreneur does not stop along the way.

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He was was the Beldi Country Club Marrakech nestled in fifteen acres of garden of eden and now the shores of Lake Takerkoust, Kasbah Beldi residence with Atlas edge and nature supreme. And if Alexander Leymarie – son of Jean-Dominique – is now at the helm of El Jadida, the whole family is dedicated heart and soul to this ambitious undertaking is to give pleasure to another traveler or native. A challenge always accompanied by a fair approach: renovation of schools, pay teachers, school supplies, embroidery work for women … through a nonprofit foundation started by Marielle Leymarie. One more reason to push to El Jadida, this seaside town particularly mild climate Lyautey wanted to see become the “Deauville Atlantic Riviera”

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