Mosaics not only in the bath

When we think of mosaic tiles always come to mind pictures of bathrooms decorated with this type of material. They are fresh and modern, but always conceived in the bathroom, limiting its use to this space. However, new trends rescue decorative mosaic, elevate it to the status of star product and display it in any other room in the house. And no wonder. The new tiles are so beautiful, it’s a shame to relegate them to the bathroom. Best show them in public spaces such as the living room. Sure hit.

Mosaics are stunningly gorgeous. Having your bathroom redone with mosaics creates a serene and modern look. Not only do they comfort the home owner but they also greatly improve the value of the bathroom, thus the house. Getting mosaic tiles is a smart investment for those planning to stay in their homes for several years longer. Immediately adding this to the house may help sway a possible buyer but will not improve the overall value enough to make an automatic profit.

Adding mosaic tiles will completely change the room. In fact, every piece of furniture will have to revolve around the mosaic tile theme. This is a little more difficult in kitchens than it is in bathrooms. Keeping the tiles clean is simple because it just requires a nice wash to add a brand new shine to the room.

Old and steeped in history
Using mosaic is as old as life itself. It was used in the seventh century BC to pave the floors. And then, with the advent of Christianity, also began to be used on the walls and domes of many churches.

Centuries later, and although the material has changed radically, the essence of the mosaic is the same as then: apply small pieces or tiles on a flat surface to compose a picture. And, although its use has been limited for years to the bathroom, looks out into other areas of the house such as the living room or kitchen. The mosaics will fit any space.

Design the Italian
Among the many companies that manufacture and market mosaics today, highlights some as Sicis , an Italian company that is characterized by having coated with mosaic unheard spaces as building facades or floors of discos. Its glass mosaics, marble and sandstone combine beautifully with other materials such as stainless steel or wood.

Bisazza , also Italian, also highlights mosaic in the world. It is a benchmark in the sector, which combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. So please mosaics inside and outside, including swimming pools.