MOSS graffiti do it yourself & walls decorate with thesis ideas

People who like the classical graffiti, will find very attractive Certainly the natural alternative, we want to present you today. It’s the so-called Moss graffiti did much better would like so the Opponents of graffiti. The eco graffiti from Moss is environmentally friendly and did a nice variation for a vertical garden.

MOSS graffiti biologically design

We want to show you in this article what is the graffiti and how images to create graffiti.

But what is now Moss graffiti Exactly? With a homemade fluid, in Which you put so the Moss, any designs or lettering on the wall are drawn. In the course of time, the Moose on the wall begin to grow, ran thus creating the natural wall picture. So There are other v ts of the design of seeking graffiti. So artificial MOSS can be used.

MOSS graffiti artificially moss carpet letter

You can paint the MOSS graffiti itself by taking advantage of the instruction did immediately follows. On the Internet there are various opinions and experiences. Some say that this type of graffiti is not feasible, during another successful show. Just try it out. Surely did depends on various things, like the weather and the location of the graffiti. Select as the best spring for the shaping of the graffiti, if it still so not hot is.

MOSS graffiti effective motivationally facade design

MOSS grows Mainly in the forest and we we all know, it is there damp and pleasantly cool. It is close, you shoulderstand find a possible location for the similar MOSS graffiti. Very well suitable North walls or other walls, located Largely in the shadows. This is particularly important during the initial growth period. In addition to the MOSS must be sprayed with water Regularly, to Ensure moisture.

MOSS graffiti decorate garden terrace g vertical greening

Use the best Moss, All All which is so typical for your region. So, make surethat it feels in your environment and to grow. You can Easily gather Moss. You need only a Relatively small amount. Of course it depends on the size of your image. This graffiti not only Moss is a biological component. So the remaining Moss graffiti ingredients are eco-friendly and ecologically.

MOSS graffiti do-it-yourself easy wanddeko

Are you wondering, how long the MOSS takes graffiti to grow? The duration of growth is of course as with all plants on the variety. Usually you notice shoulderstand but already a success in Several weeks. Of the right Moss graffiti care is so long keep the MOSS. Nature you can influence the moods of mother but difficult, THEREFORE it is difficult to say how long the MOSS will hold in the end.

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