Multicoloured pieces of furniture as an equipment in a modern and stylish villa on Corsica

multicolored furniture pergola modern lounge is appropriate for lighting minimalist
We would like to present to you an impressive villa which invites to the dream. it is on Corsica in the middle of the Mediterranean and became from the architects Vincents Coste and Bruno Fléchet design. The peninsula on which the property with the villa is possessed own beach and on the others a small harbor on a side, or, a landing place, so that everything that one wishes in the vacation exists.
A stylish and modern equipment for which multicolored pieces of furniture were elected stress the exotic mood, it the villa still radiates, in addition.
multicolored furniture modern architecture holiday house design corsica island
The modern villa is divided into four areas and the form of the house adapts itself to the natural form of the peninsula. In a side, the house ends with a big terrace which takes the function of an open Outdoor living room. Already there multicolored pieces of furniture strike for the lounge. Enough protection against the sun is guaranteed by a roofing from the extended roof of the villa.
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