Multifunction Hall

I’ve been thinking about reading an article about the smart tv and infinite possibility of internet browsing etc., As planned today in our rooms.In the case of living unless you have the advantage of having a room to get away from the world, or living on your own, it is important to bear, which is a room hybrid , a public space where we can meet with our guests to enjoy a good time while a family room where we spend hours resting, leisure alone or accompanied.


In the lounge we develop various activities while watching TV (on a smart tv eg.) While our kids are listening to music or computer .

General considerations that seem obvious, but we should remember
* Ideally, during the day the room is a bright and welcoming. Lit by natural sunlight, if you sift excess light curtained and if you lack, offset soft fill light.

* At dusk, with the curtains drawn should be a safe and intimate place, with lighting levels according to the needs , today you will find many options with LED technology that saves on the bill.

* During the hot summer months, the living room is all fresh and appealing, if you’re thinking about buying a sofa, removable option is very convenient , takes to acquire a couple of covers (summer and winter) and if they are the same manufacturer much better.
Conversely in winter should be a comforting and entertains you.

* The Furniture: You should think about the wear, ensures that the structure and materials are of quality. The wood always can, sand painting and a good and comfortable sofa will last you years.

* Color: The eternal dilemma, red … dark blue … depends on the size of your living room if it is too small, I would not recommend. Nor fall into that “all white hits” Sweden does not have the same climate and luminosity of Spain and the colors do not look the same ….. Also today you can find many shades of white … white stone, white sand … varied these will not stay as cold.

To counter the effect of a corridor elongated tube keyword is compartmentalizing. The lighting, for example, can help. Place bulbs halogen every meter aisle ends and somewhat closer to the center (around 85 cm) to be less enlightened ends the hallway seem shorter. If you have enough width to place fixtures (80 cm), locate them on a wall. Leave it out evenly or lengthen the hall. If the aisle above one meter wide, you can include pieces of furniture: each zone spread over areas Reformation division. Lean in very narrow aisles into smaller elements to create different areas: several contiguous carpets, paintings grouped in different compositions … The effects achieved with paint will also be very useful. Both paint the back wall a darker shade on the roof and apply slightly more intense color on the walls are optical resources that will play in your favor.

A library in the hallway
For the corridor, it is sufficient that Seller has a background of 25 cm. Yes, you should have about 90 cm in front of it free to move smoothly. Make them as is always the most practical option, but in the hallway, on the special, indeed. A good solution is to do low and integrated into a wooden base. The libraries are perfect low when the receiver communicates with the living: divide both areas without detracting one iota of light and also adds storage space.

If you decide on a bookcase without back will be a good choice for its lightness in areas of few meters. Choose it the same color as the walls. Tip: To avoid accidents, secure it to the wall.