Multifunctional Sofa

Need a new sofa for your home? Well at stores like IKEA and Merkamueble find lots of different designs, so you will not struggle to find the one that best fits the decor of your home. But if you want something different, then you should fix on other less known to the general public firms and designers.

innovation silenos plus multifunctional sofa bed

That’s how we found Herb , a sofa that offers everything you need for living: storage, side tables … Want more details on this multifunctional sofa? Here we give!

fifty nine multifunctional sofa

All the elements in the lounge
Although the sofa is the most important room furniture, do not forget that it needs to be accompanied by other pieces, as they usually spend a lot of time sitting in it. Therefore, an ideal option, especially for homes with few square meters, is to have a sofa built to bring all those elements that are necessary on the couch, as Herb.

multifunctional sofa bed

Features Herb sofa
This multifunctional sofa features a side table on one side and a shelf on the other. In them you can put everything you need to be as comfortable as possible during the time you spend sitting. But that’s not all! In addition to the table and shelves, which allow you to place books, magazines, food or laptop, Herb has a plug so you can connect all your devices to it and even a light, if you need a direct lighting read or do some work.

multifunctional inflatable sofa

Then you leave with images Herb Couch, where you can check all uses of this multifunctional piece. You see, with this original seat have everything you need to create a room in one piece.

multifunctional microsuede mocha storage sofa bed

multifunctional microsuede sofa bed and ottoman set

multifunctional sofa bunk bed price

multifunctional sofa bunk bed

multifunctional sofa