Multifunctional wooden furniture – size adjustable design ideas

put the furniture by Ian impress with an artful design, technological innovation, and multi-functional properties. The designer what inspired by the so-called crane bill, which previously was used to transfer certain standards and had to be adjusted accordingly. So the multi-functional furniture made of wood, we want to present you today work on the same principle.

furniture up wood bedsitting chic highlight

The wooden furniture consists of individual sticks connected at their ends. In this way, it is possible that the size and shape can be changed. The designer designed tables, chairs and other seating and even a mirror, the size of which can be changed by using this technique. A dining table can quickly to a smaller desk, a coffee table transformed into a large coffee table.

furniture wood low table dining table height-adjust

Wonder fully especially small living rooms can be equipped with thesis pieces of furniture. The coffee table, for example, if necessary can be made easily and occupies greater than otherwise but little space. In addition, that the transformation of wood furniture is achieved very simply. You must simply pull them apart, respectively, press together.

furniture wood paint shabby industrial black

Maple or oak are used as material depending on the piece of furniture. Viewing Just the multi-functional wooden furniture. The Ince you certainly want from its practical side. Whether for indoor or covered terrace, they represent a useful element in establishing in any form.

afford furniture wood bench garden idea

furniture wood desk coffee table painted black

furniture wood multi-functional interior small apartment

furniture wood pattern original designer furniture tabletop

furniture wood pink black build table

furniture wood side table colors cute size adjustable

furniture wood side table len adjust color pink

furniture wood small sitting opposite idea reading corner entertainment

furniture wood wooden slats stimulus device design deco

furniture wooden cross design bright optics course

furniture wooden cross pattern bars house dress

interior decoration decorative furniture wood strochschnabel inspiration

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