Multipurpose furniture for modern spaces

Every lover of modern design multipurpose furniture dreams of highly functional. The special feature of this furniture is the processing capacity, suitable for furnishing small spaces and the style of modern life, that with a few quick and simple gestures, easily handles an environment. Each item must be functional and usable in everyday life.


1. The desk is inserted in this structure that provides for the bed-down, that is integrated into the multi-purpose system. For a teenager is the ideal room.

2. In the bedrooms for girls is necessary to have a large space. This modular unit with pull-down bunk twin provides just that, play area and bedroom.

3. Day stay. Bedroom at night. Who would have thought that the small ledge above the sofa could become a support for the bed on the back?

4. This double wall is a fresh version, oversize and contemporary lines including the fabric headboard.

5. The entrance hall console table that becomes a table for lunch, managing to expand up to 10 place settings. Incredible!

6. Suitable for a child’s room at a desk or workstation is also for singles and for small spaces. The desk hides a folding bed, also in this case, is the study of day and the bed for the night and rest. Single room for two solutions.

7. Modern fitted wall for the living room, the wall with the big screen slides up to hide the folding bed.

8. In the living room furniture is not hiding a common cupboard, but the cupboard is transformed into a work station complete.

9. This drive is a versatile and functional for teens. A bed system has the fore, in the closing door in turn bends easily a desk.

10. A modern living room has a surprise: the sofa gives way to a bed, which is fitted inside the wall, turns to be always to the fore thanks to a system.

functional multipurpose furniture


Multi-Purpose Furniture

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