Nail design trend 2016 – the effective skin of tattoos


We would like to introduce a new trend for the nail design, which opens up to the year 2016. It’s mini-tattoos, which decorate the fingers and nails so in a special way on the cuticles may be stuck. We introduce how exactly these tattoos trend 2016 are used as nail design and some styling tips with the following lines and the picture gallery.

nail design trend 2016 elegant purple nails gothic tattoo style

The tattoos are there in different colors and designs. Often, there are the same tattoo in different sizes. Select you, that by his size forth with your nail is the same, to create a certain symmetry. The tattoos are offered, inter alia at the Douglas and easily applied. In principle, this nail design works trend 2016 as the washable tattoos, you know definitely yet from your childhood. Before you start but the tattoo itself, we recommend to paint the nails of any color.

nail design trend 2016 turquoise with gold design tattoo finger cause

1. cut out the chosen tattoo with a pair of scissors gross.
2. nail design trend 2016 – remove the protective film and place the tattoo on the area under the nail.
3. Next, take the best a sponge or rag to help. Wet the sponge, as well as the tattoo with plenty of water. Then press firmly the tattoo for about 10 seconds with the sponge.
4. now you can remove the paper of the tattoos. Usually, it slides also by itself as soon as the tattoo on the skin is fixed.
5. apply a layer of clear nail polish to the tattoo. In this way, the tattoo longer holds.

nail design trend 2016 tattoo liner fishbone pattern pink hearts

Another variant of the nail design trend 2016 is to use a so-called tattoo liner. He perfect especially for this purpose and is reminiscent of an eyeliner. With this variant, you can design custom designs. If you use a bright Nail Polish trend 2016 for this nail design, the attractive tattoo comes particularly to the fore. This applies especially to lighter variations in, for example, gold or silver. Different painted nails you can play at 2016 trend in nail design with patterns, instead of using one and the same for all nails. Thus arises a cheeky and trendy look.

Trend 2016 brand design gold tattoo pastel pink nail polish

The tattoo as a nail design trend 2016 can be selected for special occasions in silver. You can create the perfect design for new year’s Eve with this color and create a true eye-catcher. The same applies to the Golden design. It is handy that you trend 2016 any color can combine with the Golden tattoo as a nail design and can create the perfect design for every season and every occasion.

Trend 2016 design brand light blue gold motifs glamor styling

Also this idea for the nail design is interesting trend 2016. Instead of applying the tattoo just below the nail, you can decorate a large part of the finger with them and again create an interesting highlight. For the new nail design trend 2016 two colors are used in this example, that repeated both on the nail and the cuticle and create a certain balance in the optics. Is particularly interesting the repetition of color in Tattoo form, as well as the pretty motif on the entire finger Turquoise.

Trend 2016 nail design Crescent Moon of idea tattoo color paint

The Golden tattoos can be combined also wonderfully with your gold rings. In this way, the design will be expanded. Also the popular nail piercings can come with this nail design used trend 2016. For the nail design 2016 in the form of ornaments of the cuticle, use trend also henna color. This holds especially for. As for the tattoo liner you can then also choose the motif itself and design.

Trend 2016 brand design lace pattern black henna tattoo...

Finally, we have still an interesting idea to the design of the nail design trend in 2016. Take a tattoo (for example in the form of a Crescent Moon) and apply it not only the Nagelahaut, but also on the nail itself, where you freeze it again with transparent lacquer. But very cute looks, don’t you?

nail design trend 2016 gold tattoo cuticles purple nail polish

Trend 2016 nail design colorful colors tattoo suggestions rings

Trend 2016 nail design design idea nail polish ladies tattoo inspiration

Trend 2016 nail design finger deco gold triangles glitter paint

Trend 2016 nail design ideas white silver arrows finder design glamor new year's Eve

Trend 2016 nail design simply tattoo cuticles punte nail polish white