Natural style and soft contrasts

Today’s inspiration comes from this beautiful vacation home in northern Europe, in Leukerbad, Switzerland, with stunning views of snow outside the valley and the Swiss mountains, natural style d├ęcor and contemporary, warm interiors with soft contrasts , cozy and harmonics. A house in which the architecture, interior design and decoration melt, leaving imperceptible boundaries between / ay other / as, as in a musical triplet group two to two: in the bedroom, the rotund exterior stone walls extending into the unique visual interference window frame , leading to the chimney, whereas the wooden ceiling in turn extends outside the cantilever.


The monolithic sink toilet is another good example that makes clear intentions, as a rough diamond crimp on a white gold ring and the stone basin, along with lighting, faucet, mirror and wall texture, creates a welcome contrast of sensations and textures.

Back in the living room, a desk and a wall with a hole lintel, both natural stone, as relics of traditional architecture, gleaming coexist with natural wood structural ceilings, a wood that keeps the tone of the coatings, flooring and doors in a cycle of continuity that is only interrupted by some furniture and accessories that capture our attention, as the beautiful lamp over the living room, which, while it might be ostentatious in some environments, this is perfect, as counterpoint to the hardiness of the materials to dress the room. The fluffy white carpet and seat coverings and stool, help to create a level of comfort in the seating area around the coffee table, whose reflective and angular stainless steel legs contrast sharply with wooden lid Natural and with the surface on which they support.

At the location in which the house is located, it is natural to open the landscape, mountains, as we have seen, strategically located opposite one of the windows, we find a hot sleek, polished, minimalist, with free fitting and fixed on a granite slab that acts as a horizontal extension of the stone wall, rustic and natural.

The natural style is always very nice decor, and more so if it is accompanied by gentle contrasts as in this house of rustic and modern, raw materials and polished, the rough and the smooth, glossy and matte what, opaque and transparent … The designers of this project are from Florida and have won more than 400 awards from national and regional design. Architectural Digest has twice named Marc-Michaels in their prestigious list of the top 100 designers in the world and highlighted the work of the company on numerous occasions.




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