New Forms Of The Wonderful Chairs

We are used to seeing this type of furniture more or less beautiful or comfortable.  This time, the pieces that we show is absolutely out of the usual

The world of chairs , sofas and armchairs is overwhelming. Hundreds, thousands of copies ‘born’ every day in the endless furniture publishers. There is something for all tastes, colors, situations, spaces, textures, sizes … Anyway, you have come to our hands a number of pieces, so to speak, are ‘rara avis’ in this vast landscape. Some are, yes, of plastic, but with a twist … we see.

Not everything exists and moves in the West (speaking of design). In peripheral latitudes live and develop their creative work with a vivid imagination, eclectic, that have fed from many sources.
It is the case of Younes Duret, possibly the best designer of Morocco (of French descent).In
Marrakech has established his headquarters, a place full of sketches full of humor, irony and imagination. The best example of their good work is the line ‘Pimp Souk’ (do not miss his website, check it out).
Within this collection stand out and Calèche Carossa, reinterpretations with oriental vision, and wheeled chariots of life. It’s actually a comfortable and original sofa that fit up to three people.

These peculiar seats are not the only ones who can boast of oriental inspiration. Duret is an expert on it to merge the two cultures that have seen him grow. It is indeed a master mixing oriental graphic codes with Western figures.
Another example: the chairs Abu Dhab i. Are chairs with seat and back upholstered Chesterfield-style. But if anything highlights these chairs is their typical oriental ornaments, handmade by skilled artisans in Morocco.

An alternative to traditional bottle, why not? ‘FOR 2’ is a chair (or couch, or chaise longue ) designed by Sia Zanjani for After 6 Design Studio, which hides a space capable of holding his bowels 15 bottles of wine and eight cups.
Man, you can also hide other junk, that depends on the needs and interests of each. It is made of birch plywood and pure new wool.

The chair ‘Ofo’ is a concept born from the mind of Igor Solovyov. Their idea is very simple, “use the space inside the chair for something useful. It’s like a shelf. The idea is not new, but how it is done and finished, using moldable wood. Igor has a company, Solovyovdesign, which collaborates with Bellarden, one of the top companies in rattan furniture.