New trends for tile walls

A few days ago I showed some trends in outdoor ceramic tiles , perfect to renovate areas of the garden, terrace or around the pool. But the truth is that the latest and most spectacular in terms of ceramic, at least with respect to the year 2013, there have been in tile cladding for walls.

Living Room Standard Tile

The we saw in the latest edition of CEVISAMA, and I must say that they did not disappoint anyone. Because this year, which comes in tiles for all rooms of the house (not just be confined to kitchen and bath) is the most daring … and attractive.

Metal rusty gold and luxury
If we were already noting long been a strong push by the metallic finishes this year have settled and demonstrate its power in multiple styles. From tiles that mimic the rusty metal, designed for indoor industrial type and edgy, even the most luminous golds and Baroque converted the house into a real palace.

Pieces handcrafted and cutting edge
The artisan-inspired pieces are also going strong. Its appeal is often based on the presence of imperfection, that special touch that makes each tile a unique work. Putting together this feature with the reliefs and textures, see birth coatings as beautiful as the picture.

Creative Murals
More-over prints and printed. Gone are the repetitive tiles, or those so old-fashioned that mimic marble. We welcome authentic murals, with vintage prints reproduced images or nature-inspired floral motifs.’s Magic and fantasy come to ceramics to equip a style environments, where the role is for the wall. Since then, with these coatings do not need to decorate with pictures, and we’re spoiled us enough to make our home a out.

Art Wall tiles

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