Noble floors made from realwood

A chic ambience to feel is A just within your own four walls, and O. comfort is not only a question of the decor or the windowblinds, but already begins with the right flooring. Wood flooring made from natural materials radiate warmth, tranquility and liveliness.

plank flooring from real wood aristocratic design

A floor is not only a ground

When we design a room and set up, we think of furniture, wall colors, we think about matching decorative elements and what substances That Could fit.

plank flooring from real wood contemporary interiors

But before we begin, the base must be INITIALLY – in the truest sense of the word. The right flooring is more than just pure matter. It is no longer THEREFORE tenants indifferent, Whether in living rooms, bedrooms or children’s rugs, PVC flooring or parquet flooring are installed. Meanwhile, tenants have a THEREFORE Say When it comes to the selection of the suitable soil. In a house or a condo, there are of course much more leeway, what concerns the design of housing. Here luxury materials are increasingly like marble or wood used. Natural materials did correspond to the concept of sustainable development, are becoming increasingly popular.

plank flooring from real wood modern interior

Natural from Douglas fir, hardwood floors in oak – chic and only one reason for the purchase decision of the customer by the manufacturer for wood flooring pure nature, the experts are elegant When it comes to unique and natural wood floors. Why is the concept so popular? The idea of ​​sustainability is much more only as an idea. It is a need of the people and a need to protect the nature. Material did exhibit a high pollution levels, seem extremely negatively affect the health of people out – and ran thus on the nature. Alone in making so many waste products did flow unhindered into the sensitive ecosystem, arise did a threat to the planet is almost inevitable. Asbestos in PVC floor coverings is proven to cause cancer, this is no longer a secret long. In the mean time we are very trained in it to live the concept of sustainability. Whether we buy now regional fruit for a healthy diet, prefer soiled clothes did are so fair traded or but select a floor did is particularly health-friendly – the idea is always the same and now occupies a variety of walks of life.

plank flooring from real wood white walls

But can be too smart “Eco”? In any case. The fine grain of fir wood is unique cream for cream, small knots are not artificially laminated, but particularly stressed. You make the charm of this noble wood only perfect. Whether Entirely natural or glazed in to appealing color, this is left Entirely to your own taste. Real wood from the forest next door are not only absolutely in the residential trend this year.

plank flooring from real wood minimalist design

plank flooring noble real wood white design stairs