Nordic Baths

The Nordic style is gaining more followers in our country and no wonder, because it’s a really flattering type of decoration that can be consistent with almost any space, however small. It is also the most functional, which is great for us all.One of the rooms in which the Scandinavian style is great is the bathroom, which are made ​​entirely in black and have stripped and minimalist style. Among the advantages of this kind of style is that over time, usually not tired, always have a streak of elegance and give a hygienic and tidy appearance. They also tend to be fairly inexpensive.

nordic bathroom

Furniture, walls and floors
As I mentioned above, white is the color used in the Scandinavian baths, especially on the walls. In this style furniture combined with white lacquered wood. Yes, the furniture is kept to a minimum, opting for a console mainly under the sink and a shelf.In soil, can be made ​​of wood or a light color, as long as it is within the range of grays.

One thing that catches the attention of Nordic-style bathrooms are bathtubs and showers, as water tends to fall directly on the floor and goes down a drain installed in it.

In this type of bath accessories are the just and necessary, prioritizing stainless steel, although wood and natural elements can also be very good. As for textiles, it is best to keep them white and raw to avoid attention.

Toilets and taps
In terms of health, remains the minimalist aesthetic and use of space is carried to the extreme. For its part, the fitting of the Nordic baths follow the latest trends in decoration, ie, chrome and straight lines.


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