Nordic Decor with lots of Color

The Nordic decoration often represents bright spaces, clean and tidy, rooms full of life, in which a combined white background with details and accessories in bright colors and attractive interiors get energy. There is no doubt that the Nordic style is a perfect decoration suggestion people happy and outgoing, without fear of large doses of color.



Nordic decor

o get carefree environments, colorful and modern, the ideal is to follow the main lines of the Nordic décor and add splashes of color everywhere. Wooden floors, walls and furniture in the most pristine white and a myriad of objects, textiles and decorative details to give a little life and color to the space with bold colors that stand out from the main background.


This decorative style is an ideal choice for decorating apartments to youth because it allows very cheap prices. Ideally, with permission from our pocket, is to alternate furniture design firms with affordable pieces. Swedish In this house, the seats that make up the area room, the dining table and textiles, which may well be of Ikea, combined with furniture and more exclusive, as Eames Plastic chairs from Vitra , the Tripp Trapp by Stokke and prestigious designer Wassily chair Marcel Breuer.



Functional and refined, the kitchen was decorated in white (could not be otherwise in the case of a house Nordic). The cabinets are combined with a black Silestone countertop in chromatic counterpoint putting. A central island that separates the kitchen propiemente dining area of ​​the room. The wooden floor with a natural finish brings warmth note. A suggestion: because of the care required by this material, you can also opt for the ceramic that mimics the texture and colors.

work area

work area2

I like these work areas: the first, in white with touches of red, and the second, a little more colorful. Yes, both are all very ordenadito, thanks to shelves, cabinets, baskets and boxes of all sizes.


The bedroom could well serve to illustrate the Ikea catalog, ambassador of Nordic design par excellence. Do not you think? The bed Svelvik , painted in blue, and textiles in colors and patterns characteristic of the Swedish firm.


And finally, the bathroom, where you bet on the contrast of white furniture with black floors and walls, a mix that offers good taste, poise, elegance and sobriety. To take seriously, here either forgot the accessories and textiles in vibrant colors.