Nourishing room plants as part of the interior architecture

The longing for green in big cities has never been so great. This shows the continuing enthusiasm for urban gardening and the innovative solutions such as green facades. Large plants and trees in tubs adorn former hotel foyers, shopping centres and large public buildings such as airports, railway stations, museums and universities. Today, they are increasingly becoming an integral part of the interior architecture and transform private houses and lots into green wellness oases. Nourishing room plants are integrated into the room design in such a way that they create a pleasant contrast to modern functionality. Green plants invigorate housing and residents, increase the quality of life and provide freshness. Today, we will show you an excellent house, where indoor greening is an important element of innovative interior design. Due to the special flair of the fresh green, the minimalist decor is very comfortable. 

bathroom-gray-tiles-wood-basin-green plant

The Kofunaki House is located in an eco-village in Shiga, Japan and was designed by Sumiou Mizumoto and Yoshitaka Kuga, architects from the ALTS design office. Driven by the desire that residents experience the changing seasons in their own four walls, they have integrated a small gravel garden in the middle of the living area. Their inspiration was the primitive man who lived in the forest. Through nurtured plant-grown plants the rooms were given a green soul and created a unique ambience with an outdoor feeling throughout the house.

bathroom-wood furniture-light-daylight easy-care houseplants-gravel bed-green plant-stairs easy-care-house plants-indoors-gravel bed-wood furniture easy-care-house plants-inside-gravel bed-cement floor easy-care-house plants-inside-gravel bed-spatula ground easy-care-house plants-inside-living room-house easy-care-houseplants-jointless Spatula ground-gravel-wood Floor plan-house-surroundings Front yard-house-japan-white-facade Ground-cross-section-gabled-room layout grundriss-house-ground floor lighting-living room-wall-ceiling light