Nursery remodel – 9 before and after pictures and ideas

The world of the child begins by the nursery. Therefore, the space for games, crafts, must grow with dreams according to. See pictures in our selection and the ideas for children’s rooms the 4 before and after remodeling it. The given tips to set up are easy to fulfill the results – especially beautiful and inspiring.

Cot renovate nursery drawers wanddeko giraffe green wall color colorful

Nadine is washed by a small girl to a student with their own style. She want to renovate their nursery, so that his childlike form is changed. The girl wants to have but their beautiful collection of dolls also afterwards at your fingertips. After the parents of Nadine BB´s renovate children’s room, it is transformed into a romantic space. The four-poster bed and the shelf, get a new Outlook in black paint. The curtains made of organza – back in black – are a fine tip. The toys have found their place in colorful storage boxes.

nursery renovate after Ward girl sky bed shelf black pink storage

Two sister – Gabi, 7 years old, and Angelika, 2 years old, use common nursery. Although you like to play together, each needs their own private space. According to the children’s room renovation is on open shelf separately as a room divider and therefore every girl inhabited their own half. The two private rooms are painted in the sister’s favorite colors – Blue for Gabi and green for Angelika.

nursery renovate after Ward separated private room sister regal raumtelier pastel blue green

Michael at the age of two and its eight sister Simone use this room together. Her parents renovate the nursery, so that there is room for the two children – of different age and sex. The new facility consists of white furniture with many colorful accents – baby bed by Simone is a canopy with departments for their toys, diapers, baby cosmetics, etc. On the Rücksetite of the head Board of the older Michael, activity toys and a craft room are furnished for him. Thus, each of the two children gets its own private area to play and recreation. The background that is white walls and furniture scattered with colorful accents – curtains, bed linen and accessories.

nursery renovate after Ward white colorful accents bedroom leeway cot

Luke has much to store – comic books, baseball souvenirs, toys. He needs a shelf for these treasures.The inspiration of the new institution of the baby’s room comes from the comics. The collections of Luke find space on a shelf above the bed with red and black acrylic fronts. 3D-Wandsticker on the walls are easy to remove if they are no longer of interest to the superhero. A work and craft corner in matching colours and style isn’t yet for the early Sala da.

nursery renovate after Ward young shelf fronts bedded black red workplace wall stickers

nursery renovate previously girl pale pink toy dolls

nursery renovate previously jointly siblings playground cot

nursery renovate previously toys storage playground siblings together cot

nursery renovate previously young blas storage space toy wooden bed