Nursery Room Decor

Decorating a child’s room are thrilled. With this same enthusiasm, two women entrepreneurs, Maite and Rebecca, have started a new adventure called baby room. This proyeto born of experience, enthusiasm and passion for the kids and nursery decor. Both are great knowledgeable about the world of children and youth decor and have a very clear objective: to create, with their collections, environments that are pleasant to the smallest of the house.

Babyroom provides everything you need to turn the child’s bedroom in a place where children can play, dream, grow and yet practical and beautiful parents (children and youth furniture and all kinds of accessories to decorate the kids room ). Their nursery furniture stand out for their quality, safety, strength and elegance. Furniture are made with the utmost care to ensure the safety of children in DM and in beech accompanied by the best fittings and an impeccable finish lacquer.

The children and youth furniture babyroom is distinguished by its minimalism and clarity in colors, providing quiet and comfortable places for the perfect development, growth and break from the kids.
Cots, cot beds, beds, trundle bed, bunk beds, dressers, tables and chairs, cabinets, shelving, flooring, shelves, mirrors, car toymaker, boxes … babyroom gives you everything you need to furnish the room of the baby and child . The household linen is 100% cotton babyroom. All the textiles are made with the best fabrics getting so products are durable, with a special finish and very sturdy.

The complete set of clothes for baby crib, which is formed by a set of sheets, a duvet and headboard, padded, The fabric for a trundle bed, the cover to fit two 90x50cm cushions, two loops of 90×20 and 4 cushions 40×40 cm .

Besides furniture and textiles for children and youth rooms, babyroom also offers lampshades various shapes (conical, square, cylindrical ceiling) and blue colors, pink, gray, beige and red, birth baskets and baskets. They are made by artisans and are a perfect complement for decoration and for our babies.

The elements that make up these baby baskets are laminated, which facilitates cleaning and storage as they are designed for everyday use. And the wall of the room of your kids is full of color, tenderness and fun better than a children’s silhouettes and hand-painted pictures, featuring some funny characters (baby sleeping baby with shopping, baby sitting, a pilot car …). Both children silhouettes as the pictures you can personalize them with the name and choose the color.