Old furniture redesign – the old sewing machine use as vintage furniture

Creating and integrating vintage is undeniably an art furniture. But this is always accessible and easier for the ordinary people. You could realise even your very own DIY ideas. We want to assist you today with concrete examples.

beisteltisch from old sewing machine

It involves the conversion of old sewing machines in DIY vintage furniture pieces.

1 DIY side table
The first DIY idea, which we have prepared for today, is a DIY table dar. They brought only the frame of the sewing machine to use. It has provided this with black paint and varnish. You are great writes in the ambience. Whose general vintage character is reinforced by the widespread use of wood. The floral pattern of the base correspond with many sculptural elements in the region such as candles and table – based.

diy make old furniture new

2. DIY dressing table
In this case, it is connected to the project with some more work. You should consider a craftsman in the project into consideration also the cooperation. Because it has enriched the frame for the typewriter with a plate and lateral elements here. There, it has also integrated drawers. The color of ivory and pink are a great feminine solution. It brings the original function of the sewing machine in the background and emphasises the vintage character.

diy plant container from old sewing machine

3. DIY planting container
If you read our article on this topic often, have determined already, that you actually can make a DIY planting container out of anything. In contrast to the previous two examples, it has removed the table together with the sink. But this is particularly safe choice and out of touch. It takes practically only the feet of the sewing machine. It has on the wooden box attached, this is filled with Earth. Search only suitable plants, which you mount there. The reddish black shade of the flowers emphasize the vintage character of the piece of furniture even more.

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