Old window decoration in the House – 50 cool ideas

You can find old Windows with beautiful vintage window frame, with several sprouts or curved shape at the flea market or in a cellar or storage. The old designs were then handmade, paying great attention to the details. Its charm lies on the used look with exfoliated color and fit particularly well with rooms of design in the vintage or country-style. Old Windows with or without washers, you yourself can edit and are as beautiful decoration in the House.

Old window decoration beautiful rustic table lamp seonnenblumen wreath sideboard

Take old window frames for family photos and highlight you order the photos, black and white. How to be a true vintage look. If your window has no whole slices, then they stretch mesh, metal mesh or simple wire on the rear side and use Mini Clothespin or binder clip to attach photos, images or maps. Another cool idea would be old Windows as frames for mirrors use. You can muster other embellishments such as lace, buttons, loop, Poker and small objects, desire and lust of each time.

Old window decoration bedroom kroleuchter candles vintage wall color light blue

On the back of the window panes you can place using newsprint or colorful pieces of paper coating and adhesive similar to the napkin technique. Simply colorful fabric remnants at the back can be cover with rice purposes or stapler. The ideas and possibilities are numerous and can be imaginatively implemented. Look through our 50 inspiring pictures!

Old window decoration blackboard paint Clock Wall color light gray white

Old window decoration cabinet schmall vintage wood wall paneling white shelf

Old window decoration card europe peace dresser vintage table lamp

Old window decoration carpet turquoise pattern White coffee table Frames

Old window decoration child room decal commode white toy

Old window decoration chimney white wind lichterkette natural stone wall color beige

Old window decoration christmas balls glittering red blue silver beautiful

Old window decoration Christmas figures Silver candle lanterns loop monogram snowflakes

Old window decoration christmas white monogram candlelight candlestick shelves

Old window decoration couch wanddeko ravens black and white table lamp candlestick

Old window decoration fabric strung corridor stool white paint light gray light blue

Old window decoration figurines diy letters Decoupage Candlestick silver

Old window decoration Fireplace Image maritime candlestick starfish

Old window decoration gravel white folding table lavender landhausstil pflanzenkuebel flowers

Old window decoration lace vase blueten table wall color light gray

Old window decoration living room couch coffee table chairs upholstered vases

Old window decoration living room couch vintage retro country style wall color green

Old window decoration mini waescheklammer Images Photos Maps wanddeko pinnen

Old window decoration regal brick wall vase flowers white pink

Old window decoration small hanging lichterkette monogram frame

Old window decoration vase glass flowers hang up wall

Old window decoration vintage rustic sideboard blue wicker basket pillow

Old window decoration vintage teeekanen miniature flowers beautiful

Old window decoration vintage Whitewood sitzecke pillow wanddeko chairs wandvrkleidung

Old window decoration wall color khaki color Bench white Wall Hook Hallway

Old window decoration wall color taupe vintage rattan chair fur rug sideboard Head

Old window decoration white American flage frame living room couch white Maritim

Old window decoration white angel wanddeko shelf Wall shelf color

Old window decoration white lattice photos foldback clamping table

Old window decoration window frame Picture Frame sack fabric Linen fabric wanddeko

Old window decoration window frame small pictures child vintage retro

old window decorations babyroom cots wanddeko letter cards Suspensor

old window decorations maritime starfish beach house lattice vintage diy

old window decorations minimalistic white concrete floor modern design interior

old window decorations red blue lace frame beautiful image color

old window decorations shutter wanddeko wall design room vintage chandelier wooden table chairs

old window decorations wanddeko blackboard paint grid hang up black and white

old window decorations wanddeko colorful handwoven cloth colored patterned cushions floral

old window decorations wanddeko monochrome images vintage couch deco coffee table lamp design

old window decorations wanddeko Suspensor images sprossenfenster wall color taupe

old window decorations wanddeko wanduhr Frames grid Washer

old window decorations wanddeko Window Frames Walls color gray living room wicker basket flowers

old window decorations write shield open blackboard chalk color brick vintage

old window dressing bench white cushion pad pattern stripe floral light blue

old window dressing discs strung colorful patterned cloth colored diy

Old window white decoration light blue pink pom poms wreath wall

Old window white Wall Hook decoration bed bedroom pillow vintage sweet

windows old window decoration living room couch cushion decorate pattern Table Lamp white