Ombre Hair Make Yourself – Instructions for Blond, Brunette & The Approach

Whether long hair, short hair, middle-bob or bob hairstyle, the Ombre hair can be found at every hairstyle and hair length and remain a great trend. Therefore, it may also be superfluous to mention that this is a smooth transition from a darker hair colour to a lighter colour or vice versa. There are also many variations with colourful hair colours. Since the dyeing of the hair at the hairdresser costs a lot of money and also relatively frequently after-dyed, more and more ladies would like to try it even at home. And if you already have some experience with colouring your own colouring, you have nothing to prevent. Simply use our helpful instructions, which you can use to make Ombre Hair yourself and create the unique look yourself.

ombre-hair-do it yourself-Ears-dye-two hair color-easy

If you want to dye the Ombre Hair by yourself, you have two choices when choosing the colours. Either you use your own hair colour as the basic colour and buy one or two more, each of which is approximately one or two colour nuances brighter or darker (with the Reverse Ombre) or you also over-color your natural hair colour. Then the second colour should, of course, be selected according to the selected basic colour. Otherwise, you will still need the typical brushes, gloves, a towel for covering the shoulders, a hair-clip and, in this case, aluminium foil.

Ombre-hair-self-make-light brown-darkblond-wave-long bob

It is also important to find the right time. As a rule, the hair should not be washed fresh. Instead, the best is at least two days after the last hair wash. In the case of bleaching, it is not uncommon for hair tips to get an unsightly green color. You can avoid such a result by using a so-called silver shampoo. How accurate you make the Ombre Hair itself depends on the initial color. For this reason, we’ve also put together a variety of instructions for you to do.

ombre-hair-yourself-make-balayage-black-brown-glimmer ombre-hair-yourself-make-long-hair-blonde-brunette-pony-page crest ombre-hair-yourself-make-reverse-blond-approach-brown-tip-idee ombre-hair-yourself-make-reverse-platinum blond-pink-pink-purple ombre-hair-yourself-making discreet copper blond-tip-idea-diy ombre-hair-yourself-making manual-easy-beach-style