Open fire modern staged – on the table or integrated

Although no longer open fire used as heating or preparation of food, it has undoubtedly, great attraction and ran thus it is closely associated in its nature. Today met the flame a more decorative function and Provides cozy atmosphere in the home or exterior. Since 2008, designs and manufactures excellent manufacturer GlammFire fireplaces with emphasis on ecological aspects.

Open Fire hearth detached terraced outdoor modern design

GlammFire distinguishes itself as a pioneer in the field of bioethanol fireplaces and rich product range, providing design and innovation in one brings to the market. The latest collection of the company is called ‘Concept’ and gives the hearth new meaning. The products from the series are a modern kind of candles or lanterns, did run on bioethanol and produce a dancing flame.

Open Fire hearth modern design detached terraced pool

Some of the fireplaces recall other lanterns and candles lamps, all are smoke-free bioethanol-operated and can be Directly on the table. Alternative products offer all-in-one – open fire Directly into the table fire tables integrated -. They are perfect for comfortable sentient evenings in the garden or on the terrace so When the weather gets cooler outside. All models are Equally suitable for indoor and outdoor.

modern racks winch lichtdesign white openfire geometrically

Open Fire hearth modern Lantern design detached

Open Fire hearth modern living room with white high gloss

Open Fire hearth modern swimming pool swimming pool design

Open Fire stainless steel modern wind lichtdesign tischdeko models

Openfire modern fire romantic switch corten steel glass furniture

Openfire modern fire romantic terrace sea view white

Openfire modern fire shows corten steel infinity pool terrace

Openfire modern fire shows living high gloss black

Openfire modern fire table coffee table white glossy minimalist

Openfire modern fire table rectangular minimalist living room wood

Openfire modern integrated hearth wall corten steel

Openfire modern Lantern brushed stainless steel design antique gold

Openfire modern Lantern design freestanding steel metal

Openfire modern Lantern design laser cut pink

Openfire modern Lantern design stainless steel black tischdeko

Openfire modern Lantern design yellow laser cut metal

Openfire modern wind lichtdesign grometrische forms scrap gold

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