Organizing the dressing: some ideas and recommendations

for Those Who Were in the House, the dressing is a real blessing, and stay for a couple of major Advantages it offers. However, dressing, to be effective, must BE Organised after Principles Some well defined, so Advantages That TSI (saving space, for example in bedrooms and hallways) keep it off.
For organizing the dressing must keep in mind A Few Recommendations:

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1) ideally, you should not have Enough space on your wall or closet to create a mirror. Also you should not have natural light, but not foul on the part of the wall Which is put the mirror, just to not have problems on sunny days. We recommend light bulbs with warm shades as well.

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2) recommend individual support for each pair of slippers year / shoes / boots and say this idea in many homes, the pairs of shoes has over Placed Some others, or risk the That That THEY Some SAG making making and even to lose color.

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A good choice, if You have enough meters, is to create the dressing room in a room attached to the bedroom. In This case, the two environments through an arc Have Been That leaves a light delimited round. To give intimacy Have the opt for curtains made of the same fabric dressing the windows. Cabinets reaching up to the ceiling to make the maximum space and to devote the top mezzanine, perfect to keep clothes from other seasons. White and glass fronts are very decorative, and multiply Also the Natural lux. Cabinets (€ 7200) are a study of the Beatriz Garcia Decorator design. Embroidered silk curtains are Taycor (€ 65 m / 2). Carpet, KP (€ 33 m / 2) and bedspread, master Raphael (792 €). Lamp, Coconut Company (€ 142)

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In This bedroom has the opt for a front of cabinets to the ceiling of ITS RESULTING Jatoba very lightweight thanks to the etched glass. To close the dressing area has-been made a comfortable game perfect for storing small accessories. A good thought to com this for narrow spaces, we opt for sliding closet doors, so you can open the window and drawer comfortably. Jatoba wood, combine very well With the leather headboard: both materials are a safe bet to Achieve a warm atmosphere. The dressing room is designed by the Mercedes Decorator Postigo and costs € 10818. The headboard is the study of the decorator and is worth € 1081. Table, on way home (€ 240). Curtains of linen, Jute’s (€ 25 m / 2). The quilt is in the socket wrench (55 €).

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